In the wrong environment, meeting women can be a nightmare. But in the right environment, meeting women can be as enjoyable and as easy as pie! Just like real estate agents always say: LOCATION, LOCATION!

If you take my advice and go to at least one of the places I’ll recommend to you, you’ll be glad you took a few minutes out of your day to read this short article.

So are you ready? You sure? Okay! Lets get started!

1. Get involved in the arts.

Girls who are into the arts, and/or anything creative are pretty easy to find if you know where to go. Personally, they’re my favorite. They’re so fun and quirky. To meet them, go to art shows, small concerts, dance shows, or any other creative event in your area.

Once you’re there, don’t approach the people who are there to watch the show. Rather, after the performance, approach the performers and compliment their artistic talent.

Meanwhile, you will find yourself around women who want to chat with the performers just like you. Artists have a big social circle and fans, and after shows, fans pile up around them to chat with them. It’s during that time that you can spark a conversation with those women without having to break the ice. You guys already have a common interest.

2. Go to dancing class.

This shouldn’t even be legal because of how many women are in dance classes. So just find a local dance class, get your ass off your seat, and join!

It doesn’t matter if you live in a small town, there’s always a dance class. The reasons why you should join dance classes to meet women are simple: 1. You learn to dance. 2. The ratio of men to women is amazing. and 3. It raises your confidence because you get to interact with women in a low-pressure situation.

Be warned: Don’t go there to hit on girls! Keep the conversation non-threatening and realize that everyone is nice to each other. When a girl likes you, she’ll go out of her way to converse with you, so let them come to you. If you develop the reputation of a guy who’s there to hit on women, people will notice and not welcome you back.

3. Go to book clubs.

I’m a guy who LOVES reading books. Consequently, I also love girls who read books as much as I do.  As a result, I’ve always been fond of book clubs. They provide the intellectual stimulation that my mind craves from time to time.

But now that I look back at it, I was always surrounded by women my whole life because I enjoyed going to these book clubs. I wasn’t getting with any of them because I didn’t have the skills, but being surrounded by beautiful, smart women never hurt anyone.

The clubs I recommend are book clubs based on spirituality and/or self improvement. Why? Because it is a movement among young.

Young people, and in this case, women who are enlightened, aren’t constrained by superficial social standards. In simpler terms, it means that they won’t hesitate to make a move because they aren’t scared of what somebody will think of them. They are confident women who care about others.

3. Sign up for acting/improv classes.

This one is a no-brainer. Show me someone who’s into acting and/or improv who doesn’t interact with beautiful women on a daily basis, and I’ll show you kid who doesn’t like candy. It’s almost impossible! When you attend improv/acting classes, meeting BEAUTIFUL women is inevitable.

Not only will you be meeting beautiful women, but you’ll be working on your acting and improvisational skills — a skill that’s useful when talking to women.

4. Join a co-ed sports league.

Sports brings people together. When you join a sports league, there’s a connection you share with your teammates that’s unique only to sports. The “us versus them” mentality brings people together, just like war can bring a nation closer.

You can use this occasion to build light rapport and lightly banter with a girl who spikes your interest. Who knows: if the girl likes the way you come across, she might open herself up to going out with you. The reason why I say that “she might open herself up to go out with you” is because in these types of environments, you have to let the girls chose. Yes, you can hit on her, but you can’t do it as aggressively as one would during a cold approach. Social intuition is a must!

5. Volunteer.

Volunteering is a great way to meet women, but not all volunteering opportunities are created equal. The best places to volunteer are in event-based volunteerism, street fairs, film festivals, charity events, etc. You’re going to meet women and have time to get to know them over a common interest, while having fun in a no-pressure environment. Sounds like a logical choice, right?

Do you run? Play a sport? Why not volunteer at marathons and sporting events? You will make friends and meet great women with shared interests.

6. Try online dating.

What else is there to say? Online dating is the best way to meet women if you’re lazy, busy or don’t want to go outside either in the day time or the night time. My favorite online dating sites is OKCupid and Tinder. Stay away from PLENTY OF FISH! Waste of time, at least to me.

The best way to kill it on tinder and/or OKCupid is this:

1. Be shape (or get in shape!). Guys who are in shape get a lot more matches than guys who aren’t in shape. Trust me!

2. Have a shirtless picture of yourself as your profile picture. If and when you get in shape, make your body your shining armor for women to woo after. Be proud of it! Guys who show skin on their profile pictures have been shown to get more matches.

3. Keep your messages short, simple and with a call to action. A “Hey you’re cute, whats up” is suffice because if a girl likes you, she’ll forgive a multitude of sin, but if she doesn’t, she’ll be busier than a CEO running the free world!

After the first message, ask her if she’s always busy. If she’s always busy, but she doesn’t want to see you, she’ll say “yes” without giving you an option to pick a day to go out with her. If she’s always busy but is thinking of going out with you, she’ll say “yes but …” or “No, I’m free.”

7. Sign up on

Attend a meetup where women would normally congregate. You can attend a book club, yoga class, or anything that you believe women would go to.

The best thing about it is that there’s always something going on within a 25-mile radius. So if you REALLY want to meet women, you have no excuses!

But remember, just like going to a dance class, always keep the conversations light and simple. Don’t be so aggressive. You have to give her time to ease up to you and after she does, you can then escalate and ask her out and/or go for the kiss.

Final Tip

Remember guys, there’s no reason not to meet women. If you’re staying at home doing nothing, it is because you have admitted defeat. Get off your feet, start seeing yourself being surrounded by beautiful women, and keep that image in your mind. Eventually, it’ll begin to reflect in your actions, and you’ll inevitably have a lifestyle that includes women in abundance.

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