The Transformations Seminar ($400)

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Date(s) - 08/07/2017 - 09/07/2017
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This comprehensive 2-day course will provide you with the tools to naturally transform your inner being and learn step by step tactics to make almost any man fall for you.

Two life altering days of brain Hemorrhaging Immersion – traveling  DEEP Down the “rabbit hole” to the most advanced understanding of dating, inner transformation, and self-actualization in existence.

This course will lay out for you 3 different aspects of becoming attractive to men.

  1. Dropping all defensiveness and eliminating neediness
  • Learn the root cause of your neediness
  • Uncover your deepest and truest self through presence
  • Become your own source of positive emotions that will eliminate all neediness once and for all
  • Reinvent Yourself, By Creating a Positive and Lasting Change at the Core Level of Your Existence
  • Completely Eliminate ALL Rejection from Your Life Instantly… and For Good
  • Become a Woman of Power, Knowledge, and Presence
  • Radiate Complete Control, Confidence, and Inner Peace… Which Men Find Super Attractive
  1. Self mastery before seduction
  • Arm yourself with the necessary tools to master your emotions  in order to stay calm and centered while in the process of seduction
  • Use the power of the self image to DRAMATICALLY AND EFFORTLESSLY change your reactions and behaviors
  • Unleash your true personality without seeming forced
  • Learn how to use the self image and presence in order to have a powerful affect on your personality
  • Learn how to use your excess energy to transmute it into a sexy and confident vibe that men absolutely love

3.Seduction tactics

  • Learn how to make any man chase
  • How to make long distance relationships work
  • Learn how to make him chase after the guy loses interest
  • Learn how to use your neediness against him
  • Learn how to make him think of you
  • Learn how to become his fantasy that he craves

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