I always was the dude that “looked” like he had good game. Ya know what I mean? If anyone saw my sets they’ll think “hmm he’s pretty good/funny” but little would you know was that none of those numbers lead to nowhere.

Girls enjoyed my company but they weren’t calling me back and that frustrated me.

So I experimented with a few different approaches and techniques, and realized that if I was getting a lot of good reactions, maybe I should take it down a notch and fuck with her with using silence. Get her laughing and comfortable but then break rapport using pure silence.

I learned that from working as a ymca counselor in NYC. Every time a child lied, he wasn’t good at hiding it, so I would give them that look of “come on man, tell the truth, you know you’re lying” cheaky smile and that would get them reacting saying, “hehe what?!”. I always found that hilarious how easy it was to make them react.

So I decided to use that in my game and this is how I did it:

  1. Anytime you ask her a question, after her response don’t say anything, but give her that “get out of here, you lying” or the “I’m just fucking with you” look. You have to actually feel those emotions because they’ll be communicated at a deeper level.

For example:

me: “what’s your name?” fine ass chick: melissa me: (give her a look of “is that so?”) her: what?! haha

You can include this silence when she asks you questions…

her: what’s your name? me: (look at her and just smile communicating that you’re just fucking with her)… her: what?! me: you look like the type of girl who would bake me a pie. bla bla

The point o the silence is 1) it creates a curiosity to find out why your’re messing with her. You’ll notice women will be asking you “what?!” a lot and hit you on the shoulder.


And 2) it creates sexual tension. If you lower your voice, and include a silence with solid eye contact and a cheeky smile. This will make her either, break the eye contact (which isn’t bad, she still experienced you) or keep it and communicate that she’s on the same wavelength in terms of intentions.

This is specially good if you include silence right after the opener… is it a risk? maybe, but if it’s a good way to make her invest right of the opener (when she actually talks for a few minutes).

If the girl is sitting, just go ahead, sit down, and just give her that subtle smile with a “So, what you gonna do?” look.

Also including the silence will give you a mysterious vibe. Withold from the temptations of saying anything about yourself that’s impressive and from ANSWERING ALL OF HER QUESTIONS. ONCE IN A WHILE, INTENTIONALLY DON’T ANSWER ONE OF HER QUESTIONS.

For example:

Girl: What’s your favorite color?

You: Yo I really need to stop eating tacos at night man. They’re so good and tempting. You like tacos?

Women do that once in a while, specially when you’re texting them to hang out. They’ll answer to everything and just “happen” to ignore your question to hagn out. Use these opportunity to actually learn in game cus women do some pretty cool stuff.

2) Intentionally try to talk less and say the fewest about yourself

i focused on not talking about me as much as i could and saying the least amount that i can about myself.

For example: her: where are you from? me: am from another country…. where are you from? (see the deflection? this will make her ask again later on) or her: what’s your favorite book? me: (give her a look of “if only you knew what I would do to you”)… I need to stop eating ramen noodle soup, they never get you full….”


Just include silences a few times in te first few minutes of the conversation and focus on answering questions as vague as possible. Don’t reveal much about yourself (unless she really wants to know, don’t be a dick, just act like one lol

Go ahead and prosmise yourself you’re gonna try this as soon as possible. I’ll put money on it that your results will improve. You’ll see some pretty dope shit.

Anyways I’m out.

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