We are going to learn how to sexually escalate during day game without being creepy and with zero chance of being rejected.

We will cover the following:

  1.  How create sexual tension in the first 30 seconds
  2. How to kiss her in the first 30 seconds
  3. How to deal with rejection from sexual escalation
  4. How to kiss her while walking, sitting and in any situation
  5. How to Sexually touch a girl without getting rejected
  6. The most important signs to look for that she’s down to fuck


  1. If you just met her, DON’T GO FOR THE KISS. I know it looks cool to do same day kiss, but if it doesn’t seem to be leading to sex, it’s better to use that tension to keep her thinking about you for the next date. Go ahead, escalate to kiss her, but its better to back off at the last second. Trust me.
  2. You don’t need permission to be confident, but you do need permission to escalate. Don’t be an asshole and get arrested. Be self aware and notice how she’s reacting.
  3. Go in with the mentality to get rejected 3 times. Why? Lets say you’re focused on getting the kiss, that will make you hesitate. But if you make it your mission to get rejected from an attempt to kiss her or an attempt to escalate, that will make it easier to pull the trigger. Make that your goal. You miss every shot you don’t take.
  4. If you struggle with escalating, cultivate the feeling of dominance and sexual desire. If done, it will fix your problem of hesitating and being afraid of getting rejected.

What’s the best way to cultivate the feeling of dominance and sexual desire?

  • Don’t masturbate more than once a week.
  • Ask yourself: What would it look like if I was dominant and expressed my sexual desire without being creepy? See what image or movie comes up in your mind and fully associate yourself to it. That means to embody this ideal self and see how this ideal self sees the world different from you. Notice how he thinks, how he feels, and how he sees women. Go through a whole interaction in your mind as this new and ideal self. This will help your subconscious mind know exactly what you should do when you interact with women.

Okay so here’s how you can sexually escalate and even go for the kiss with a girl you just met or are on a date with.

Set the tone of interaction from the start

It’s important to set the tone of a guy who’s willing to fuck her or kiss her if the opportunity presents itself. It’s easier to begin sexual, and tone it down in the middle of the interaction, than to begin as a non sexual threat and then tone it up mid interaction.  

So this is how you begin the interaction with a sexual frame: When you meet her, shake her hand, but don’t let go. Have a soft grip that allows her to let go but that indicates that you’re not letting go as well.

If she doesn’t let go, continue talking to her without breaking eye contact and see if she doesn’t break eye contact. Also after introducing yourself, include a silence for a few seconds. See how she reacts.

Speak in a downward tone “hey what’s up”, “What you been up to”. If she matches your pace and tone of voice, maintaining eye contact, and holding your hand, go for the kiss.’ But how?

While holding hands, and in a commanding tone, compliment her,  “you’re so fucking adorable!”, and wrap her hands around your neck and get face to face. If she’s maintaining eye contact, not flinching, or stiffening up and she’s still there, go for the kiss.

If she moves her head back, that means she didn’t want to be kissed. BUT if she moves her head to either the left or right, giving you the other cheek, that means she doesn’t want to be kissed at this moment in time.

When she rejects you say “I’m only flesh and blood” and smile at her. Always blame your escalation on her. Almost as though she’s so fucking hot that you couldn’t resist. Never take blame for escalating. Tell her its her fault and that you’re a weak little boy (obviously playing but it’s flattering).

Immediately break the tension and talk about what she’s been up to.

What to do after your first attempt for the kiss

If you just met her, tell her to walk around with you to check out the city (if she’s on a date with you, then just go to your date spot). As you walk with her, try to hold her hand.

TIP TO REMEMBER: in the first 2 minutes, make sure to tell her that you’re a touchy person and that if she feels that you’re going too far, to say so. This will give her a justification as to why you’re so physical and can be used to help her backward rationalize your escalation.

How do you hold a girl’s hand? 

  1. “Hold my hand’ we’re married now!” but let go after a few seconds because you can hold her hand at anytime. For example, if she says something you like, say “omg that’s fucking awesome! give me your hand, we’re back now”

tip: as you hold her hand, swing it around in exaggerated motions almost as though you’re a very happy couple. Make it playful and silly.

You can check out a video of me demonstrating some of these techniques

  1. Hold her pinky to pinky and say we’re together now, or elbow to elbow.

How do you holding hands as a method to sexually escalate?

Simple! While holding hands, notice if she’s grasping to your fingers, if so, have her hand touch your butt and say “stop touching my butt! stop touching my butt!” and see if she’s playful with it.

If so, say “do it again, and I’m touching your!” If she doesn’t pull her hand away, then have her touch your butt and then go ahead smack her butt by telling her “I told you no to do that!” Then tell her she has a nice ass and tell her to touch yours because you work out.

If she doesn’t comply to any of these requests that’s fine. The best form of compliance is not what’s done or said, it’s what she doesn’t do. That means that if you tried all of those tactics, and she’s still with you and wants to continue chatting, she has some form of attraction. Some women need more time to build comfort than others. Nothing wrong with that.

As you walk with her, booty bump her once in a while when she tells you something you don’t like. For example:

Her: I like carrots. You: I don’t like that! (booty bump to emphasize it)

Or when she’s walking along side you, steer her towards a pole or towards incoming people just to fuck with her. IT builds emotional and physical comfort. But the important thing in all this is that it requires proximity and physical contact. You’re getting her comfortable with you.

So now you’re walking with her, how do you kiss her while walking? Simple.

When you’re both walking, and she shows you the signs that she wants to be kissed (Don’t worry about it, you’ll read in the next section), tell to “wait, Stop” and hold her arm or hand to indicate you need to stop. Then make eye contact and tell her “don’t say anything” and if she’s about to say something, hold your index finger on your lip as though you’re telling her to shhh and slowly move your finger to shush her mouth by telling her to “shh”.

The reason why i say to “slowly move your finger towards her” is because it gives her the chance to back off if she’s not comfortable, from which you can just stop right at that distance to evaluate her comfort level and give her the chance to decide whether or not she wants you to touch her on the lips.

It’s not an analytical response by her, it’s more of a genuine reflection of her perception of you, its more subconscious. If you’re able to shhh her, and touch her lips, then go for the kiss. Just gently grab her chin and lift her chin with the side of your index finger, and go for the kiss.

If rejected, notice the signs I talked in the first section on whether she backs off or turns the cheeks. Also as soon as she rejects you, change the topic and talk as usual.

The two most important signs to look if you want to kiss her

  1. Proximity (walking and sitting): If she’s brushing arm to arm as you walk with her, that’s the best sign of attraction. If she’s 2 to 4 feet away from you, that’s no sign of attraction. Out of all the signs, this is the most important one. A girl who doesn’t trust you will keep her distance. Also, if you sit with her on a park bench, notice where she sits. tip: If she sits far from you, extend your hand out and say “give me your hand” and then move it closer to you. It’s better to have a few seconds of awkwardness in the beginning than to have that distance.
  2. How she reacts to touching her: Flinching, stiffening up are all signs of discomfort. When you get these signs, back off and build some more comfort.

How to know whether or not she wants to get physical with you:

  1. Touch her hair: Act as though you’re taking something out of her hair, and notice how she reacts. If she flinches and pulls back, that means she’s not ready to be kissed, but if she doesn’t flinch and stays absolutely still, it’s a HUGE sign. 90% of the time when I do that the girl lets me kiss her.
  2. Touch her cheeks (I love your cheeks!): Same thing as the last one, tell her “aww your so cute, and squeeze her cheek. IF she flinches, its not the end of the world, but if she doesn’t flinch, it’s a HUGE sign.
  3. Let me see your hands and then let it drop on your lap: Ask her to show you her hand. As she shows you her hand, say some bullshit like you’re reading her hand, “oh interesting” and then drop her hand towards your lap almost as though you’re throwing something away that you’re fed up with. Notice if she keeps her hand or removes it instantly.
  4. Ask her if she gets ticklish if someone squeezes her knees: We all get ticklish when someone squeezes our knees as we sit down. In a playful way, and if she’s close to you (don’t do it when she’s has a good distance because remember, that’s the biggest sign)
  5. Put her hand on your lap: If she’s close to you, and is giggling, ask her to show you her hand, and like no big deal, as you continue to hold her hand, place her hand on your lap as you continue to talk to her. Then let go of her hand and see if she keeps it there.
  6. Do the old school “I’m tired at the movie theater so I’m gonna yawn just to put my hand around you” technique. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about! I love doing this because it’s funny and playful. Just make it obvious that you’re using a lame move so that she can play along with it.
  7. Have intentional silence and allow her to re-initiate: If she re-initiates, without excusing herself to leave, it’s a sign she’s attracted enough to kiss you.

If you get any of these signs GO FOR THE KISS. It don’t matter if she rejects you, try again.

These are signs of attraction.

  1. How to get her to sit on your lap.

If she’s close to you, and has shown signs of attraction through compliance, proximity and letting you touch her face without flinching, and you need a little more reassurance, just ask her “you look like you don’t weight much, how much do you weight?” then when she answers, tell her “I don’t believe that!” Then pick her from her seat (she has to be sitting close to you) and place her on your lap.

From there on you can escalate like crazy!

You can squeeze her butt since it’s popping out from behind since she’s on your lap and say “haha so squishy!” But don’t get off on it and be out of control horny, be playful and carefree.

Or you can say “aww your so adorable!” and hug her and place your head on her chest. Or you can tell her “touch my boobs, they’re nice and strong right?” Hold her hand and have her feel it. Then tell her “better than yours!” and slightly brush the back of your arm on her chest. If she doesn’t flinch, ask her “if you don’t mind me ask. what’s her size?” and if she tells you, give them a quick squeeze, and if she doesn’t, throw her off your lap and say we’re done and act like a mad little kid who didn’t get to play with his toys. Then go back to casual conversation and escalate later on. You already have physical comfort. So it’s no problem.


Tell her that her cheeks are so adorable and then say I have to kiss them. When you go for the kiss, if she doesn’t flinch, kiss her cheek, kiss her other cheek and if she doesn’t back off or tenses up, go for the kiss. BOOM!

So yeah, this is how I escalate in the day time and how I go for the kiss.

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