10 Evolutionary Based Tricks To Look More Appealing To Women

Today, we’re going to talk about different evolutionary tricks to become more attractive. This is not about how to find your life partner, but just generally about how to become more attractive. These tricks are based on Psychology and some studies.

The first trick on our list is wearing a corona mask, especially the blue one. It will make you look more attractive. In general, it may be because the eyes are just beautiful. So whenever you are wearing a mask, people will perceive you as more attractive not until you take it off.

The second trick is to move to another country. Different types of people are attractive in different countries. For example, if you’re short, go to a country where there are a bunch of short people or to a country where they don’t care whether or not you are short. 

The third trick is the contrast effect. Surround yourself around unattractive people. Be the most attractive person in the group. It may sound silly but you will be the one to appear as the most beautiful person in a group of unattractive people.

The next trick is to get off to social media. Most men find women attractive when they don’t have social media. Men become more attractive to women and find them equally attractive to others simply because they don’t have social media. 

The fifth one has good teeth. Study shows that bad teeth usually happens to people who have bad prenatal teeth.  When you have bad teeth that just means you also have a bad diet. In general, having good teeth makes you look more attractive.

The sixth trick is working out. People who always work out will make them more attractive. Humans are not wired to be fat, humans are wired to be in shape.

The seventh trick is if you’re a woman, hang around other men, if you’re a man, hang around other women. Generally, when you are hanging out with the opposite sex and someone smiles brightly at you (with also their eyes) it will naturally make you more look attractive.

The eighth track is wearing red. Studies show that wearing red increases a person’s sex appeal. While losing weight could also increase the person’s sex appeal and make them more attractive.

The second to the last trick is absence. Above all absence increases your attractiveness by not being there and periodically taking breaks from people makes others want to see you more. Emotions change the way the person sees you.

The last trick is alcohol. Drinking alcohol makes people look more attractive. Once you are  intoxicated with alcohol, you’ll find people more attractive.