10 Lies Women Tell That Men Should Watch Out For!

10 Lies women tell that men should watch out for.

1. First lie is “I’m busy”, when women tell you they’re busy that’s fine they could be busy but just make sure that when they say they’re busy they want to reschedule. But not as an excuse to meet up cause most likely she doesn’t like you.

2. Second one is “I can’t meet up today (without giving you another day to meet)”. 

3. Third is “I’m tired.”, when women like you their mind releases dopamine and that comes with energy. And when a girl doesn’t want to meet with you it means you don’t make her release dopamine.

4. Fourth one “Maybe”, when women say maybe it just simply means no.

5. Fifth is “I just wanna hook up.”, when a woman says this she’s really saying that she doesn’t care what you think about me.

6. Sixth is “I’m not that type of girl.”, which means I care about what you think about me. And she’s signaling chastity and she’s trying to let you know she’s a good girl and she’s trying to preserve her value. When a woman says that she’s definitely the type of girl.

7. “He’s just an ex” when a woman stays friends with her ex. I recommend you run for the hills with that woman.

8. Eight is “I’m just looking for friends.”, in other words I don’t like you and I am not that into you. 

9. Nine is “I don’t do this often means she does this often.” 

10. Lastly “I’m so sorry…” everytime she says sorry she doesn’t mean it. Women are just good at embellishing emotions to get a reaction out of you.

Those are the 10 lies women tell men for the most part. I highly recommend you just focus on the top 4 but other ones you should definitely get as you progress.