Today we’re gonna talk about the 10 things that guys shouldn’t do to a woman, this will help you in terms of your dating life and to protect your reputation.

  1. Never hit a woman or verbally abuse a woman — do not abuse or hit someone in general. There’s no such excuse for hitting or abusing someone.
  2. Don’t double text a woman — if she’s not responding to you, there’s a reason why she’s doing that. Learn to have patience.
  3. No dinner date — on the first date, even worse if she asked for it. A good woman might see this as being too much. She might see this as you are investing too soon in her.
  4. Don’t be a goofball in public — if there’s a woman around and you’re interested in getting them to like you, stop goofing around. Learn to be serious.
  5. Never open up first — never, and I mean never. Let them be the ones to open up. A woman has to feel that you’re better than her.
  6. Never mirror a woman’s interest — if she’s acting like a goofball, let her act like a goofball. Just don’t mirror her. Make it dry but interesting.
  7. Don’t hit every woman you meet — words get around. Word will get around that you’re the type of dude that hits on every woman walks.
  8. Never sleep with your man’s girl — even if she starts hitting on you, don’t hit her. It’s a fxxking trap.
  9. Never put a woman above your purpose — plain and simple. And this is why it’s good to have a rigid schedule. Put your life’s purpose above any woman.
  10. Never ever pursuing — that means she says no or that means she says maybe and you still go back to her. Just let her know, if you change your mind, let me know.