10 things women should NEVER do with a man

When you like the guy, you tend to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  1. Reacting to his inconsistency with consistency – a lot of times when you like the guy, the more inconsistent he is with you the more consistent you become. Unfortunately, when you see a guy acting that way it’s either one of three things: one, he has a girlfriend, two, he doesn’t like you or three, he likes you and he is trying to hide how he likes you.
  2. Dating an ex who cheated on you – Anytime somebody cheats one, they’re gonna do it again and most likely, that was not the first time they cheated.
  3. Telling the guy how many guys you slept with – I don’t care if this guy sounds open-minded, he’ll say he doesn’t judge it but he will judge you for it secretly.
  4. Paying for the dates – Never pay for a date. If you have to approach a guy and pay for a date, it’s not a good idea. The only thing it’s okay to pay for a date is if you’re dating another woman.
  5. Trying to change a man – Trying to change a man is a lost cause. People are who they are for the most part. How good you do things to him is not gonna change him.
  6. Dating younger guys for a relationship – It’s just not going to work out. Those guys don’t want a relationship with an older woman
  7. Forgiving too much – If a guy hits you, abuses you and cheats on you, you just got to move on. Forgiveness is a tendency to get people back but sometimes it tends you to be a pushover. You have to make people go to work to get back in your good graces.
  8. Asking dating advice from your female friends – They don’t know what they’re talking about, they’re trying to tell you what you want to hear
  9. Spending all the time and texting all the time – Create some rhythm. Just because they need to text the person because they’re responding to you fast doesn’t mean you should do it. A guy needs space. A guy needs to feel like they’re losing you in order to keep them in a sexually competitive state
  10. Being naive – Relationships are a very selfish game. You can’t trust people. Don’t think that everybody is looking out for you. Don’t be so gullible and so naive. A lot of times when it comes to dating, they’re trying to take advantage of you