10 types of men women need to avoid

Today we’re going to talk about ten guys you need to avoid.

  1. The suffocator – when you see a guy who gets close too fast, calls you babe and getting intimate, better watch out for that because that is not a normal way of attachment.The 2
  2. The doorman – The ones that agree with you, the nice guys. A woman wants a guy who challenges her. When a guy always agrees with you, you’re gonna get bored.
  3. The cocky guy – the guy already assumes that he already has you. When you meet a guy like this, you stay away from him.
  4. The de-moralizer – the one that has certain standards. He kind of forces you to his standards. He judges people based on his standards.
  5. Cheapness – It’s one thing being smart with your money, it’s also one thing that is being cheap. Being cheap shows that you don’t like taking risks. You are boring.
  6. The bumbler – The one who is always seeking validation. They’re never the one who is wrong. 
  7. The talker – When a person talks too much, it’s an indicator for narcissism.
  8. The reactor – the one who reacts to everything. The one who is oversensitive. That guy you will always be in a competition with. You will always fight for attention with him.
  9. The bum – The one who doesn’t pay attention to you. They’re so self absorbed and focused on their insecurity.
  10. The hopeless romantic – they’re looking for an ideal fantasy but in reality, they look for so much that they are really unhappy with themselves