10 Ways to Make Him Weak for You

These are the ten tactics you can do to make a guy emotionally weak for you to the point that his heart pumps when he hears from you and he can’t be normal around you.

The first tactic you can use is a faint weakness. Play the little girl who loves the guy and then back off, the man thinks he’s in control when really, he’s not. Using this tactic makes him chase and emotionally investing you. We tend to like those who like us and by simply showing some vulnerability through chasing home and validated his ego, he’ll come to invest in you. This emotional investment is what you can use to create space and make them chase even harder. The more invested he is the harder he’s going to chase.

The second tactic is being inconsistent. |This means they won’t know what to expect. Don’t be reliable, be contradicting. The key is to lull him into sleep. You want to make them think like he really has you and like you and once he feels like he has a hold of you, change who you are by showing your other sides.

Another tactic is insinuation. Insinuate that he lacks the masculinity that is required to attract you. Insinuation will make the man feel insecure and as a result, if done right, it’ll have him chasing you for your validation.

The fourth thing is using compliments. Don’t just compliment him, give him a compliment based on an actual weakness. If it’s specific, and for something he’s worked for, it’ll inflate his ego and he’ll love you for it. The key is to make it specific. Make something nobody has ever noticed about them. The mere fact of showing specific attention to his need will make him appreciate you more and he’ll need your validation when times are tough.

The fifth tactic is using comparisons. Compare him to other men and you’ll see how he’ll become more possessive of you. It’ll make him jealous and it increases his perception of you and makes you more attractive in his eyes.

The sixth tactic is becoming the one that sets the barrier. Don’t make it so easy on the guy. Make seeing you a little bit more difficult. Become the one that sets the barriers and you’ll have the power. You can create barriers through a preemptive breakup or putting him on the friend zone.

The seventh tactic is to make him feel desperate and scared by creating space. Space creates doubt and fear and enhances your image. People want to fantasize about you. Give them that chance. Don’t show yourself exactly how you are. Space also makes him respect you because he hasn’t figured you out.

The eight tactic is turning him on and then backing off. Turn him on and make him desire you and then back off and watch him chase. By turning him on you show some the types of pleasure that you’re able to provide and by taking a step back you show him what happens when you get out of his life. This will make him appreciate you more and will instill the desire to spend time with you.

The ninth tactic is to isolate him. Isolate him from his thoughts and worry. Isolate his mind with a dangle of pleasure. Provide pleasure and he’ll follow you. Getting them in your world; comfort zone, weaks them.

The last one is to tease him when you know he can’t get you. When you tease him, excite him, validate him and create the barrier, you’re making his imagination work and he’s going to start thinking about you and be obsessed with you.

This is the pantheon of what it is to be attractive. This will help you get to the point where he’s willing to do almost anything for you.