Let’s talk about the 10 habits of high-value men that I want you guys to begin implementing in your life. If you become high-value men, and sometimes high value is all about where you live to be honest with you.

When you’re a high-value man, you begin to develop different ways of thinking because you don’t sex anymore and you’ll see women completely differently.

So the first one is this, control testosterone. What happens was, when you have sex so much your d!ck is empty. You’ll notice that your libido does not control you anymore.

The second thing, you’re not too anxious to go out. You don’t have this anxiety to go out with a woman. You get a little anxious whether or not she’s gonna go on a date.

The third thing is that you have a low tolerance for disrespect and disinterest. If you’re noticing that a woman just keeps canceling dates you just say, now, I’m good. I have other $h!ts to do. That low tolerance is sensed in your non-verbals. They can sense that you’re not somebody to fxck with.

The fourth one is you focus more on your work than sex. You’ll notice high value got guys focused more on the work than women. They’ll say no because I have work to do, let’s see each other later on today. Your number 1 priority is your work, friends, and women.

The fifth thing is practices as good as something. How high value men are good at something? If you’re high value, you tend to be alone a lot because you’re working on your craft. You don’t have a lot of time for your woman. That’s why you need to find your purpose.

The sixth one, you lead. If you notice that there’s a problem you get ahead of it and you lead. You like leading but you’re also a good follower because that’s how you learn.

The seventh one, you’re okay with being rejected. If a girl says no to you, you don’t say and think that it’s the end of the world because you know that you’re just not her type and you’re okay with it. You don’t take it personally.

The eighth thing, you understand this is not the last girl. You understand that just because you have chemistry with this girl that doesn’t mean she’s the last fxcking girl on the planet. You understand that naturally we humans are meant to connect.

The ninth thing is, they don’t hit on every girl. And that’s the truth. When you’re a high-value guy, you don’t ask every girls’ phone number. You’re not the type of guy that always hates everybody because you’re so satisfied with your life.

The last one (tenth), you don’t have a lot of time in your hand. High-value men are people, people want their attention. You live in your own time. You don’t have a lot of time to meet women. When you’re so busy, you become a more of high value to a woman.