Today, we’re gonna talk about the two words that women should stop using.

The first word is YES. Naturally, women are more assertive than men when they’re children. You notice this because they usually want to transform their environment but as women grow older, women’s assertive nature gets stomped out and people want them to conform to society.

The way that society wants to make women conform is to being more passive, to being more agreeable. So, women struggle simply saying “no”.

Look, one of the most important skill at work or even in dating is learning how to say “no”. When you always say “yes”, this makes you look like somebody who’s a walk-on, a rug that people could just do whatever they want to do with you.

You need to learn how to say |”no” and stop saying “yes” all the time. Say “yes” when you feel like they respect you. Respect comes before your “yes”. When you say “yes”, you lose your power. See, nothing makes a guy fear a woman more than a woman who’s willing to say “no” to him.

Learn to say “no” without having to explain yourself. Don’t explain yourself not as a way to be an asshole but as a habit, as an exercise in assertiveness.

Another thing is “sorry”. Stop saying “sorry”. Notice how often do you say sorry unnecessarily, it’s almost like a habit. Learn to displease. Learn to piss people off. Learn how to not give a fck when somebody’s mad at you. Get comfortable with some people disliking you because if you don’t do that, you’re going to be taken advantage of. It’s that simple.