20 Dark Psychological Tactics That Will Make Women Fall in Love With You

  1. Choose the suitable victim, you have to choose the right woman because you can’t choose a woman who is happy with their life and has high self-esteem. There has to be a need that is not meant in her life. To make a woman fall in love with you is finding where she’s vulnerable and become that source of validation for the vulnerability.
  2. Send mixed signals to make her feel as though she has you and take it away. You have to make her feel the loss of losing you.
  3. Have contrasting qualities for example if you’re a masculine person you want to have an air of femininity to balance it out. Because when you’re too masculine it shows insecurity because it shows over-compensation. Having balance makes you more trustworthy.
  4. Create a triangle of desire. Talk about other females you like that are the opposite of how she looks. Simply letting her know your “type” creates more competition.
  5. Do not be afraid to inflict pain because when you can inflict pain means you can also inflict pleasure.
  6. The art of insinuation is about planting insecurities at a subconscious level. Talking about something you know she cannot meet, throwing it during the conversation, and quickly changing the topic. Don’t let her elaborate on the topic so it just plants a seed in her subconscious mind.
  7. Set up challenges and barriers. Setting intentional challenges makes interaction a lot better.
  8. Create temptation and enjoy teasing her. When you tease women they will appreciate you more. And the frustration it brings makes them want you more.
  9. Giving thoughtful gifts. Listen to what they love and give a gift that is unique. Doing this is complimentary and makes them think you’re thinking of them.
  10. Take a step back. During the relationship, you want to have stepped down and go back up.
  11. Disarm her with vulnerability. Showing vulnerability helps her to see the real human in you.
  12. Be uncontrollable around her showing that her beauty is too much for you. Showing you can’t resist her charm because people love to be admired so this could be really flattering. And it enables you to hide these tactics.
  13. Give them space because they fall in love with you when their not around you. It happens through your imagination so backing off enables them to think of you and it enhances their view of you.
  14. Engage in their deepest narcissism. They will love you if you embody the idealized person that they are.
  15. Don’t let her take you for granted. Use pain, pleasure, and absence for them to appreciate you.
  16. Combine their passion with sex. Find a way to combine reading with sex and by doing this it makes you more memorable because you are fulfilling one of her fantasies.
  17. Make her fantasy a reality. Find her secret fantasy and make it happen. She’ll become obsessed with you if you’re able to do this.
  18. Make sure she feels your boundaries because that’s when she experiences you and your power.
  19. Natural qualifiers are where you qualify her by doing something you actually love. By naturally reacting she will feel that disapproval.
  20. The more subtle your disinterest and your mixed signals the better. You wanna make her interpret you not know you.