3 Dark Ways To Make Him Think Of You NON STOP

Let’s talk about 3 ways to make a guy think of you non-stop. I made a video about this a few years ago and I don’t make this kind of videos anymore because I think I pretty much addressed it in different ways but I decided to make a video about it in a more direct type of way.

The first one is strong criticism based on reality. I recommend you do this once you’ve known him for 3-4 weeks and when you feel like he’s comfortable with you. Go ahead and criticize him but make sure it’s based on reality. After criticizing him, act as if nothing happened. This kind of mixed-signal will make them think of you. It’s toxic but you’re asking me how to make things work.

The next one is mental inception. It’s pretty much incepting ideas in a guy’s mind unconsciously. Do this during simple conversations. Find out what’s his insecurity and then talk about any other guy that has the qualities that he lacks. After that, change the topic. What’ll happen is that he’ll think about it. It’ll confuse him and think about you.

The third one is breaking the pattern. When you’re with him, you’re nice, you’re there, you’re loving, you’re physical but then you sort of break the pattern maybe after the third or fourth week. You act a little weird, don’t text him back as fast or call him as fast. In fact, you cancel the one date in that week and then you reschedule for another date that week. What happens is that he’ll think if he did something wrong or if he said something wrong. That kind of stuff will make him think of you and make him insecure.

Pain is the secret ingredient to this.