3 Factors That Make Him Obsessed

Today, we’re gonna be talking about 3 factors that cause a guy to be addicted to you.

The first factor that makes him addicted to you is his emotional life. You could be with the same guy one year and then that same guy the next and he’ll be completely different. For example, there are phases in our lives where we are more malleable and more prone to influence. As children, that’s our most malleable moment in our lives. The second example is when someone breaks our hearts or when we are emotionally not in a good place.

When a guy is in an emotionally low place, he might fall in love with you a lot quicker than if he was in a good place/or busy but if you meet a guy who’s emotionally low, most likely, him liking you could create a lifetime obsession for him.

The guy’s emotional state has a big factor. If he’s out there fcking women 24/7 or if he’s a lot of options then there’s nothing you could that that will get him. The only thing that will is a perfect match: when you guys are so perfect for each other that he just doesn’t care and that he just feels the connection between the two of you.

The next thing is how you feel: your emotional life. The guy could be ready for a relationship and he could be in a place where he’s open or heck, maybe something tragic happened in his life where he needs a woman to make him feel happy but you’re in such a sunken emotional place or you’re so needy that you don’t give him the space to breathe and fall in love with you. So, he could be ready but you’re not. When you’re dating somebody, the most important thing to control is not him, but it’s your emotion. Don’t rush into things because that’s what happens when you get very needy.

The third one is when he senses that there are other guys in your life. When you give the impression to a guy that he’s the only guy, you’re missing out on an opportunity to create competition. You’re missing out on an opportunity to put him in a sexually competitive state. It’s important because if you don’t do it, he’s always gonna take you for granted in one way or another. So, how do you do this? Just talk about other guys.

As simple as that is (as long as you don’t have a history of cheating), you could do this and it’ll create the attraction that you need. As long as you guys are not cheating on each other, this is okay because he has no history where he could think of you cheating.