3 GOLDEN Rules Men Should Never Break

Every man should follow these three rules that I’m gonna set out for you guys and the reason why is because theses three golden rules will allow you to learn to get to know people for who they really are not their appearance and the reason why is because a man with a full dick just wants to bang woman and a woman with some smarts they’ll learn to play up certain roles that will cause you to get manipulated that will cause you to chase unnecessarily that will cause you a lot of frustration a lot of waste of money because you can’t see through her, all because you cannot see through the cloud of smoke that she’s throwing at you and manipulating you on the side. This goes especially for guys who are naive, especially for guys who are led by their dicks to learn to see reality, to see the person who’s in front of you rather than just seeing a projection. 

From this video, you will understand the right and proper way to create and maintain a connection. I’m explaining these three golden rules and how to apply them.
So let’s begin by breaking it in very very deep detail.