3 Nice Guy Mistakes That Turns Women Off

Let’s talk about the 3 “nice guy” mistakes that chase women away.

the first mistake is that you’re too forgiving and that you have too much tolerance for women. When a woman cancels a date, you say “It’s okay, we can reschedule on another day”, when a woman says “I don’t know and “I’ll let you know”, you’re like “Okay, no problem. I’ll wait for you”. You’re too tolerant.

See, when a woman cancels a date on you last minute and without rescheduling, don’t respond. Delete the number and let her text you. You guys tolerate too much and too forgiving. No man, be less tolerant of women’s bullsht.

The second mistake is that you’re laughing too much and you’re being too feminine. Like, you’re acting like a little kid around her, you even cuddle next to her like a little kid with his mom. You’re always joking, you can never be serious for a moment. When you learn to develop a serious look to your character, it’s intimidating to the point that it’s attractive to women. She’ll say that she cannot read you. I’m not saying to be terminators walking around looking pissed off, I’m just saying to lower your non-verbals.

Learn to slow everything down and to minimize your non-verbals as much as possible. Even slow down your movement. It’s very simple but it does work.

The third mistake is getting attached too soon. What I mean is that you fall in love after the first date and you’re already fantasizing about her having your kids. You’re already thing about her being your girlfriend. Calm down and remember that she’s a woman. Remember that you don’t know her–she might be going on a date with you because she’s not over her ex. You should not be getting attached too soon to a woman. I know it’s difficult sometimes because you like her but you should always remember that she’s a woman and that she may leave you for another person. Don’t let her dreamy eyes confuse you to the fact that she might leave you one day. It’s not me being negative, it’s just what it is. Women sometimes don’t know what they want and that comes at your expense.

Here’s a bonus one: you over pursue. I’m not saying you don’t ask her out because that’s okay. I’m saying that you ask her out and then she says she can’t make it and then you ask her out again. Man, if you ask her out and she says no, then just say “No problem, let me know if you change your mind”. If you ask her out and she’s busy and she says no, you don’t say “okay”. You say “No problem, let me know when you’re available” and you’re done asking her out.

Don’t ever double text a woman. Don’t you ever ask why she flaked. Don’t even respond when a woman cancels a date without a warning or without rescheduling.

Another bonus: complimenting her too much. Guys don’t do that. Don’t complicate women. You can complicate her dress, her hairstyle, what she worked for, and her ambition but don’t compliment her looks. Don’t compliment women based on what they’re born with, compliment a woman based on what she worked for. In the beginning, like in the first 3 dates, keep the compliments to yourself. In fact, never compliment a woman, to be honest with you. Only compliment her when she asks you. Don’t give her free compliments especially in the beginning.