3 Reasons Why You Should Never Chase High High-Value Guys

Today, we’re gonna be talking about 3 reasons to stop dating the high of highest value guys–or even better, to stop chasing high-value guys. It’s one thing to be looking for a good man in your life, it’s actually really good and there’s nothing wrong with that but the problem is when you try to go after the high high-value men like the basketball players or the hottest person in school or the main doctor in the hospital–all of that stuff. It could seem alluring and it could increase your ego, it could make you feel good about yourself or it could make you feel like you’ve beaten all them b!tches for your man and stuff like that but it comes with a lot of problems.

There’s nothing wrong with going after high-value guys, do what you gotta do. If you want to be with a high-high-high value guy, it’s better not to be in a relationship with those kinds of guys because when you’re in a relationship with them, they will cheat. It is what it is.

Guy of high-value gets a lot of attention from women. When a guy marries you and he’s alone with you, a guy’s testosterone naturally lowers but if he’s getting a lot of attention from a lot of women, it’s gonna go up which means he’s going to want to f#ck a lot of women. It’s that simple. They’re just gonna cheat.

If you’re gonna be with one, at least accept that he’s gonna cheat because the second one is this: by dating a high-value guy, you gotta compromise. Just expect that he’s gonna have another girl on the side. To make it work out, you gotta change your expectations.

The last reason is that high-value guys are high maintenance. These guys get catered, women do everything for them. That’s the truth.

It’s better no date a normal person. Really. If you want peace in your life, date a normal man. Don’t let society tell you to get the best of the best.