So, how do you become irresistible to your man? This is something that a lot of you ladies are forgetting because they tend to be in their hands. If you struggle with keeping the guy, if you struggle with keeping his interests, if you struggle to make him see you as more than a sex object then this is the video for you.

The first thing you want to do is to learn how to validate his masculinity. I’ll be honest with you, there’s no emotion as addictive outside of love than a man’s masculinity being validated. It’s an emotion that pretty much is at the core as to why guys are attracted to women. It helps them stand out and feel superior to the people around them.

The point of validating a man’s masculinity is to lower his defenses. When a guy’s masculinity doesn’t feel validated, he’ll grow naturally defensive. What I mean about “naturally defensive” is that he’s not susceptible to your influence, you can’t influence him as much. Why? It’s because by you validating him, he grows dependent on you and your validations.

One thing you want to do is validate people’s intelligence. A way to do that is by faking little arguments in the beginning, like finding arguments that you could be wrong in. What that does is lower his defenses and so when there’s an argument that you need to win or a point that you need to prove, he’ll be more open simply because you allowed him to win.

This is only for women who are in relationships: If you’re having sex with him, tell him how good his dick is. Make him feel that he’s the shit. If he’s not gay and hasn’t been around a lot of dicks then he’ll believe you. Another thing you could do is speaking good about him in front of his friends or saying good things about him in front of other females. That kind of stuff makes the guy feel really validated, he’ll feel that you really really like him.

Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with this. As long as you do this and do the next thing that I’m gonna tell you, everything’s gonna balance itself out. another thing that you could do is to be with him and caress him. In a way, you want him to feel like you’re completely into him. You want him to feel like you’re really attracted to him. Again, as long as you mix this with what I’m gonna say next then this is not gonna hurt you because what you’re doing is you’re giving him feminine warmth. What you’re doing is making him special and so by doing that, when you do the next thing that I’m gonna tell you, he’s gonna miss that feminine warmth.

Other ways that you could validate his masculinity is by making him feel the presence of other guys. Making him you’re around other guys but you’re sticking with him. You can also ask him for advice and come back and report to him how his advice helped. It’s all about making him feel like you sort of have some admiration for him. What that does is that it’s an addicting feeling and not a lot of people give guys that kind of attention or admiration. Mind you, this is all strategic. You might feel like you’re losing out, you might feel like you’re validating him–well, that’s true–but you’re sowing seeds for the future.

After creating a sense of stability–you want to make him feel like he has you, you want him to brag to his friends that he has you in his bag and he likes you and you like him back–then I want you to apply being unpredictable. The unpredictability is what’s gonna make you spicy. The unpredictability is what makes him be on his heels. The unpredictability is what makes him anticipate. Are you gonna be there or are you not?

I’m not saying to play games. Being unpredictable is a natural part of being a human. What you don’t want to do is being predictable because as soon as people can predict you and as soon as a guy knows what you’re gonna do next, he loses respect for you.

It’s a simple thing to blend your feminine qualities with your masculine qualities and you can do this as an exercise. Naturally, you have one way of acting so we want to make something different. If you’re somebody who doesn’t talk that much, talk a little bit more one day. If you’re naturally somebody who gets defensive, get on the offensive. If you’re naturally somebody who responds fast over text, respond a little slower. If you’re naturally somebody who’s argumentative, be a little bit quieter. Just go in the opposite direction of your nature. Another thing you could do is just stop doing the things that I told you to do. Not completely cold but you just tone it down a bit. You become a little harder to reach. You become a little bit harder to read. You do that by giving him space.

Now, you want to plant the seed in the beginning. When you were acting all warm, just say “Hey, the next few weeks I’m gonna be a little bit busy and things are gonna be a little bit hard because I’m gonna be busy with work”. You let him know what’s about to happen in the future, you let him know that you’re gonna have a rough few weeks. Once you let him know that then you have space to be unpredictable and then you suddenly become available. That unpredictability is what makes a guy anxious. This stuff’s been done to me and unfortunately, it worked.

Make him sense that there’s a different side to your personality. I don’t want you to come across as bipolar though. I just want you to come across more natural. We want to reflect how nature works, it’s unpredictable and that’s what makes us respect it. Deep down, the reason why we have anxiety with new relationships is that we respect the kind of pain they could inflict on us. We know the potential damage they could do if things don’t go our way. That’s why we’re more careful when we’re getting to know someone, that’s why we sort of keep our distance because we’re afraid to get hurt, right?

Last but not least is having a social life of abundance. What I mean is that you have a plethora of things that you do that doesn’t include him. What you want a guy to feel is that he’s not your number one priority. You make him feel like he’s number one through your affection, your feminine warmth and through you validating his masculinity and then you take away through him feeling that you don’t make time for him.

It takes a lot of discipline to do this because if you like the guy, you’re gonna want to make move things around for him but you don’t want to do that. You want to have a clear strict schedule that you abide by no matter what comes to you. So, that means you want to have a few things ready:

Have something that you do with other people that self-soothes you. That could be yoga, jiu-jitsu, anything that self-soothes you. Have one activity that does that and make sure it’s with other people particularly other men because you want him to feel the presence of other guys in your life.

Have something fun that you don’t do with him. If you have home girls then go out with them. Make sure that when you go out, you dress up nice and you have a transformation. Don’t invite him when you go out with your girlfriends. As long as you guys do not cheat on each other, you let him know that there are things you like to do on your own.

Let him know that you have a social life, a busy life in general and that kind of stuff creates a barrier. It creates almost like a challenge and it makes him want to make you make him the number 1 priority.

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