3 Signs a Guy Is Playing Games With You

Today, we’re gonna talk about the 3 signs that he’s playing games with you. You usually get these signs from a guy who doesn’t like you.

  1. His actions don’t match his words — everybody is addicted to their phone, so don’t believe to any cheesy kind of stuff. Particularly, the more things they say in the beginning, the more they say how much they like you, the more of a red flag it is.
  2. Minimal effort — taking a long time to respond to you. Dopamine inspires quick and sudden action, when the guy is able to wait, it means dopamine is not surging through him, which means you are not having an effect on him.
  3. Consistently cancels plans — the closer to the day he canceled plans, the more red flag he is. But if he consistently cancels plans and it’s consistently late to the date, this guy only sees you as plan b.