3 signs that he’s getting emotionally attached to you

Today we’re gonna talk about three signs that a guy is getting emotionally attached to you. 
One, it’s all based on Contrast, you gotta first know how he behaves in the beginning of the relationship because some people have this unhealthy attachment style. The type of person that gets attached fast, that’s not healthy. If a guy’s already falling in love with you within the first week don’t be thinking you’re this lovable. Most likely look at his past relationship, ask him if he’s Ex dump them or whatever the point is it is not healthy to be falling in love with a
random person in the first week. That might be a sign that he might be doing
some Transference what’s that is like “one emotion for one person transfers over to the other person” . Thinking you love them but in reality, you’re just not over the
another person. Second thing is that, if he’s falling in love too fast within a month, if you notice that he’s trying to advance things up too fast that is NOT the sign that he’s becoming emotionally attached. It’s more to do with the past for somebody to really fall in love with you
they need to interact with you not with their fantasies because if he falls in love with you because of his fantasies of trying to be happy he’s gonna eventually back away.
The first sign that a dude is getting emotionally attached to you is that he’s getting jealous, simple as that. He gets offended easily; he gets more sensitive. Second sign is when he wants to spend time with you doing innocuous tasks. It’s when a guy asks you to do nonsexual things like do homework together or just simply asks you to watch TV together or just simply do errands with him or hangout to do something randomly – then that’s a sign that he’s developing emotions for you. The last sign is if he is giving you the “I love you” looks. It’s that creepy ass look, like looking at a piece of porkchop sizzling down the lane in the restaurant when you’re hungry because literally it’s the same parts of the brain that are activated when you’re sort of in love. It’s not the sexual “I want you look” but more of the “I care about you” look that you catch randomly from him. These basically are the signs to look for in your guy to know if they are emotionally attached to you.