3 SNEAKY Signs That He’s Emotionally Attached To You But Won’t Admit It!

One of my loyal Patreon supporters asked me: “What are some signs that a guy’s falling in love with you? What are some signs that a guy is becoming emotionally attached?”. It doesn’t mean love but it just means that he’s becoming attached–the glue is already there and now you just gotta give it time until the glue hardens. So, I’m gonna be answering that question in this video.

Before we get to the 3 things, let’s get this to understanding: It’s all based on contrast. You gotta first know how he behaves at the beginning of the relationship because some people have this unhealthy attachment style wherein they’re the type of person that gets attached fast. That’s not healthy because somebody can’t be loving you in the first week. If a guy’s already falling in love with you within the first week, don’t be thinking you’re lovable. Most likely, look at his past relationships, ask him if he’s ex dumped him or whatever, the point is that it’s not healthy to be falling in love with a random person in the first week. That might be a sign that he might be doing some transference–when one emotion for one person transfers over to the other person.

Also, if he’s falling in love too fast and if you notice that he’s trying to advance things up too fast, that’s not the sign that he’s becoming emotionally attached to you–he is liking you, don’t get me wrong–because it’s not based on your interaction with him. It has nothing to do with how he’s reacting to this whole dynamic. It’s more to do with the past.

For somebody to really fall in love with you, they need to interact with you, not with their fantasies. If a guy falls in love with you because of their fantasies of trying to be happy, he’s gonna eventually back away. You’re gonna notice some red flags and skeletons in his closet. It’s not healthy to fall in love too fast, alright?

So, the first sign that your dude is getting attached to you is that he’s getting jealous. simple as that but mind you, it all depends on the baseline of how things started. A lot of you don’t agree with me and it’s okay but I always recommend you never start off with the mentality of “Let’s get in a relationship” unless you’re religious and unless it’s a part of your culture. Always start off as “Let’s just see other people in the meanwhile and get to know each other” and the reason why you’re saying this is to set it up because then after a month or two, you mention another dude like say another dude took you out and nothing happened and what’s gonna happen is that he’s gonna jealous. You’re gonna notice that he might get turned off–but not turned off in terms of he doesn’t want to say you anymore.

Another thing that’s very similar to this is that he gets offended easily. He all of a sudden becomes sensitive. Mind you, be careful of the obsessive jealous people, I’m not talking about people who are possessive with you, I’m just talking about that he just gets a little bit more jealous now not in terms of trying to control your life but in terms of just trying to figure out if you’re seeing anybody.

The second sign is that he’s asking to spend time with you–not just to have sex or a date but to spend time with you doing innocuous tasks. The point is that when a guy asks you out to do things with him that are nonsexual, that’s a sign that he’s developing emotions for you. It’s a natural progression of a relationship: you’ll naturally want to spend time with them outside of sex because it’s emotional. Now. if you’re noticing that he’s only asking you to hangout to have sex, go drinking or go smoking or to do things that don’t require quiet time with each other is not good.

The next sign is one that you ladies could relate to and it’s when he begins to look at you differently. He gives you a different look, the look that’s more relaxed. You’ll notice that he just looks at you completely different. He also treats you with more warmth and there’s more gentleness. He cares about your emotions, he asks you how you feel.

Mind you, this is all based on how they started. It’s all based on contrast but generally speaking, when a guy is falling in love with you he just gives you a different look. It’s different. He’ll caress you more, if he didn’t happen at first then you’ll just notice that it happens a lot more often.