3 Things I Learned As A Nice Guy

We are sold an image of women through tv and the people in our lives–we’re taught that women are one-way. The truth is that women are the complete opposite of what they come across. They’re the complete opposite of what they show.

I’ll give you guys 3 of those little revelations and I hope you guys can learn from it. It’s very simple and a lot of these things we can sum up into human nature.

The first one is that the more you give to them, the more they take from you. The more time you have, the less time they have for you. The more open you are emotionally to them, the more close they are emotionally. You guys might get lucky and get a girl who will react to your neediness but eventually, that’s gonna end and you’re gonna end up returning to the single world even more of a simp because your simp behavior was rewarded by that woman.

Learn to be more closed emotionally a little bit. Learn to now reveal how you feel too fast even if she presses you. Just say you don’t know yet. Be that person that you don’t know how you feel yet essentially.

The second thing is that they use nice guys as a rebound. When women are tired of being played by an asshole, sometimes, she’s only going to you because she just wants to have control for once. She’s only going to you because she might want to get her ex jealous. She might also just want to try something different but the point is that the relationship will end quicker than it started.

If you’re a nice guy and you’re with a woman who dated an asshole, you better start acting cold and you better stop treating her like a goddamn queen. I’m not saying you gotta be a complete asshole to her but you just have to be not always there and 100% reliable. Don’t always treat her fair, don’t always show up and don’t always text back fast. Don’t make her feel certain.

The third thing is that they are not confident. We assume that women are confident because they take long to text back, they always cancel dates and they’re hard to get but women have very fragile egos. The reason why she acts confident is that a lot of the times, women just don’t like you. They may act that they like you but they’re just charming you and that’s why they’re able to pull away so easily.

Another thing is that, usually, when a woman dates a nice guy then she’s settling. She couldn’t get the guy that she wanted/the guy that dumped her, so she finds a nice guy because he will not dump her.

Also, when you’re the nice guy, women are not as freaky with you. They’re not as sexual UNLESS she’s the dominant kind and she’s naturally freaky and she lets you join in her freakiness–not because she’s submissive to you.

Nice guys get women but they don’t get the full spectrum of their nature.