3 Things That Men See As Weakness In A Woman

I decided to make this video about three signs that men see as a weakness in women. The three things that men see in a woman and see it as a weakness.

The first one is this, you’re looking for romance. You have this incredible fantasy of a picket fun and a good husband. You have this incredible idea of a relationship, you have this fantasy of just a perfect family. You have this intense desire to prove to everybody to join the club when you’re the romantic kind of woman–there’s nothing wrong with being romantic–but you’re surrounded by wolves and when a man sees that a woman desperately and intensely wants a family or when a man sees the woman easily buys into the knight in white shining armor.

They see that as a weakness –when they see that as a woman who’s happy being alone, and I always tell you the number one way to not be manipulated is to control your fantasies. Be very aware of the little fantasies that you daydream on a daily basis of this perfect man of this perfect relationship.

Be very aware of these perfect fantasies you have that completely subtract any negative trait. That is not a reality if you deeply bind into romance and there’s nothing wrong with romance. But when you have this deep and intense desire to the point that you feel jealous of other people who have it, when you think that is what makes you happy, you’re gonna be disappointed because that’s gonna be your desire. it’s going to narrow the scope of your vision. You’re going to be blinded, you’re going to be confusing the forest for the trees.

I’m not asking you to be negative, I’m asking you to be realistic. Realize that most of those fantasies never come true and if they do come true for those who are watching on the outside.

They don’t see the type of bullshit that you have to deal with, to keep that fantasy alive. And I’m not here to give you guys a fantasy, a dream assumption that’s not real. I’m here to give you guys the fcking truth, I mean sorry about that. I’m going to give guys the truth.

The second one is you are a forgiving person and you believe the good in everybody. You feel bad for everybody, you forgive, and you believe that everybody could change. I’m sorry, some people cannot change and some people you cannot forgive.

Now, you can forgive them but do not forget who they were. When you listen to ex-convicts talk, but when they’re alone with you, they turn into a fucking monsters. A lot of these people are good at getting forgiveness from people. Stop being so forgiving for these guys, stop forgiving so easily. Stop only seeing the good in people and learn to see the bad before you see the good.

And this happens to a lot of Christians, this happens a lot to people who are into spirituality. You guys are so easily manipulated, some of you guys could be so gullible especially in the Christian and spiritual community. Why? Because I’ve been in both places, I’ve been that person. I just got played by somebody, I just got scammed for my phone because of that gullibility. It still kind of creeps up with me sometimes, stop believing that people are good. That’s the people who you’re surrounded with can’t backstab you.

The second law of power is never to put too much trust in friends, never put down your sword and shield not even for a friend. Men see that as a weakness because they can just easily tell you what you want to hear because you’re so transparent. You’re letting everybody know what you want and this happens to a lot of my clients.

The last one: you are naturally a people-pleaser and you don’t like confrontation. Most of the time you were taught by your parents this, why? When you were being the good girl, they only gave you good positive reinforcement and for many other reasons but the point is that guys could sense when you’re a people pleaser because you don’t ask for anything in return.

Learn to confront people, go towards what you’re afraid of. Confront people eyeball to eyeball if you’re somebody who is naturally a nice person. Learn to little have confrontations, throughout the day, don’t eat a whole cake. Learn a little bit, start saying no here there get comfortable with saying no. Get comfortable with delivering bad news. You gotta learn how to confront people and you gotta learn to displease people on purpose. Because it’s necessary that you sometimes displease people and not everybody is gonna want what you want.