3 Things Women Don’t UNDERTAND About Male Psychology

Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 3 things that women get wrong about male psychology that I feel like you guys have to understand.

The first thing that you, ladies, have to understand about male psychology is that men are attracted to women who have a hint of masculinity. That’s the truth. Men aren’t fully attracted to women who are too feminine–women who play on their femininity and show zero masculinity. Why? It’s because men like that edge.

The second one is that a guy would take no more than 4-5 months to find out that he really loves you. If a guy doesn’t make you his girlfriend after 4-5 months, it’s not gonna happen. Move on. A guy will know if he likes you from the start. More importantly, most people won’t like you from the start. It’ll take them 4-5 months max to know if he likes you. 3 months is enough for you to pull away and for him to know whether or not he wants you to come back to his life.

The last one is that sex does not turn a guy off but you demanding his time too soon turns him off. That’s what you have to understand. A lot of women think that having sex with a guy turns him off and that’s not that the case.

The thing is that, usually, when you have sex fast with a guy, it means that you really like him but there’s other behavior that happens. When you really like a guy, you have sex with him fast sometimes but what happens is that right after women have sex, they begin to text, they begin to call, they begin to ask him out to see him again–and there’s nothing wrong with that by the way.

But what happens is that you feel insecure because you gave him your best and then you begin to chase. And then you begin to call. And then you begin to feel anxious because he doesn’t text you back as fast. If you would just put your phone down and just relax.

What really turns a guy off is the fact that you had sex with him and now you’re calling and calling and calling.

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