Today, we’re gonna talk about the 3 things you should never let a man know about you.

The first thing you don’t want a man to know is that you want a relationship. Most people are open books and say what’s on their minds, especially most women. It’s natural to talk about your plans for the future but not this.

People believe that being honest is actually a virtue but honesty is a blunt instrument that also hurts. If you don’t want to give up your power, you gotta learn how to conceal those intentions that you want a relationship. Always remember that people trust appearances. It’s difficult to look beneath the surface all the time. As a result, you could then show them something with your words, like telling them you don’t want a relationship with your words, but then show you want it by your actions/

That confusion, that desire and that indifference that you show (which is desire with your actions but different with your words), will create and increase attraction.

In the beginning of knowing a guy, make sure that you communicate that you don’t like him that much and that’s the truth. You gotta make an effort to communicate that to him. You give him the impression that you don’t like him too much or that you don’t want to be intimate with him but then that gives you space to actually act needy.

The second thing you don’t want a man to know is the number of men you slept with. This is simple. Men are naturally judgemental and men don’t like promiscuous women. The problem is that women are naturally promiscuous, it’s just how it is. Women want to choose the best one and so she would try a few. If you’re smart, you’d do that. To find the right guy, you gotta fck a few guys. It’s the truth.

The truth is that guys will judge you even if they act like they don’t. If you’re a woman who’s a pro, there’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t be so proud of it–not because it’s something to be ashamed of but because it’s the rules of the game. The rule of the game is that women are angels and you gotta play the game right. Don’t resent the rules, master them and use them to your advantage.

The third thing that you don’t want a man to know is how much you love him. If you tell him how much you love him, you lose your power. When you tell a man what’s inside of you, he’s able to negotiate.