Today, we’re going to talk about 3 weird things that women find attractive in a man. These things are a little shocking but it’s the truth. Women don’t find attractive guys who are goofballs, women don’t find attractive guys who talk the most or the funniest. Honestly, it’s good to be funny but none of that works.

There’s an exception: the most common and weirdest thing that women find attractive is a feminine guy. Don’t go that route. I went to Berlin and there’s a lot of sexy women with feminine guys–that’s not the kind of relationship you want. It doesn’t feel right as a guy but that is one of the weirdest things that women find attractive in a guy: Femine guys BUT only masculine women do that so that’s an exception to the rule.

Do you know why women find you more attractive when you have a girlfriend? There’s a few reasons:

  1. Obviously, pre-selection: a woman likes you, other women will like you
  2. You have a lot of time in your hand: you try to sneak talk to her
  3. When you have a girlfriend, you try not to cheat. Some guys try not to cheat or they resist and that sometimes makes the woman chase a little bit harder and that’s why you’ll notice that when you’re taken, women like you. It’s backwards, right?
  4. If you have a hot girlfriend and there’s a girl that’s less attractive than her, most women will think that if she’s able to steal you from her then she is as attractive as your hot girlfriend. It’s backward. This is why you find a lot of guys cheating with less attractive women because they resent the hot girlfriend so their way of revenge is fucking you. It’s that simple. Their way of becoming attractive in their minds is by stealing a boyfriend of a woman who’s hotter than them.

Another thing, women find guys who are vulnerable attractive. If you’re not a vulnerable guy, play it up. If girls cheated on you in the past, if you don’t trust women because you’ve been played then play it up BUT you have to come across as a masculine man. You can’t come across as a loser talking about the shit that happened to you. If you come across as cocky sometimes, you wanna balance it with a little bit of vulnerability. As long as you have a cold front, having little moments of vulnerability balances it out.

I’ll be honest with you, the easiest way to get a woman is not by going to the clubs or to the streets, it’s simply by leading. Just lead a group of people. By leading people and NOT hitting on them, women will find you attractive.