4 Emotions a Man Needs to Feel to Fall In Love with You

We’re going to talk about the 3 things that a man needs to feel in order to fall in love with you.

This is from my experience, and from observation, everything that I teach is based on pure observation.

So the first one is this, I learned this because some woman did this on me, and that’s pain. Unfortunately, if you give somebody pain they just fall in love with you. If you inflict pain, they become addicted to you.

The second one is chemistry. If there’s no chemistry then the guy cannot fall in love with you 100%. You need chemistry to make that bond stick and chemistry is almost like an addictive drug. You can’t create chemistry, it’s either there or not.

The third one is caring emotions. When you inflict pain on them, but they have this caring emotion, it is actually a prerequisite to falling in love. Because when you fall in love with somebody, you’ll notice, you naturally actually start caring for them.

And the bonus one is a fascination with you. When he feels fascinated with you and the only way to create that kind of fascination is to embrace your masculine and your feminine energy.