5 Beta Male Behaviors That Turn Women Off (According to Women)

Today, we’re gonna talk about 5 turn-offs for women. These are the things that women tell me as I am talking to them every single day. I’ve been writing down this list for the past few months. This list is based on empirical evidence.

1. Just doing too much — Notice how you act when the girl likes you or when you don’t like the girl. Why is it that when you don’t like them, they like you? — It’s simple, you’re behaving differently. The way you act, move and talk is different, and it’s actually attractive. And the most attractive part is that you don’t do that much.

2. You’re being too available — means you have no purpose in life, it means you have nothing else to do. It also means that you are not a high-value man. What a high-value man is (a) somebody who is busy and (b) to women is somebody who doesn’t like them too much. One of the easiest ways to raise your value is to show a woman that you’re not interested.

3. Being too stable — when you’re too emotionally stable, you’re gonna encounter this. Women will actually be turned off because you’re too happy, you have no problems. A woman wants a little bit of conflict, if you don’t provide her any kind of conflict, she’s not going to engage emotionally.

4. Not being pursued by other women — you need to keep your woman in a sexually competitive state. At least think some other women want to bang you and she needs to protect you. She needs at least to have that thought.

5. When you’re not willing to walk away — if you’re not willing to walk away, you have no power. Women will test you, they’ll push you to position when you have to tell them to leave. And if you don’t tell them to leave, if you don’t put them in their place, they’re just gonna lose respect for you.