5 Elements of Female S3x Appeal

Most likely this is an uncomfortable topic might be uncomfortable for a lot of you ladies because a lot of your sex appeal has to do with something that you cannot control. But it’s important to understand what is the element of a woman’s sex appeal.

The first one is, do you look fertile or not? Now fertility wanes into different places age, disease, and if you already have a kid. Having a kid means having another kid would be harder and it also has some signs like gaining weight and stretchmark that most guys are wired not to be attracted to. So how do you affect this type of physical element in terms of sex appeal? You get in shape, eat better,  and take care of your skin. Also, adornments, how you adorn yourself gives you a whole vibe.

Another thing is looking like a character of a man’s dream. If a guy likes something and you start dressing up as it they may project the emotions they have for that.  That desire or attraction that guy has will be projected into you. 

The next one that affects a woman’s sex appeal is boundaries. The boundaries I’m talking about are more emotional. Look, quick sex is not what turns guys off it’s what comes with quick sex. It’s the fact that you keep texting him, you don’t leave them alone, and you won’t give them space. Having boundaries allows a man to see you in the most attractive state. 

The next thing is your network of friends. If you don’t have a good network of friends and somebody breaks up with you. You’re gonna have a tough time dealing with the breakup. And you might end up chasing the guy. Having a good network of friends allows you to get over breakups better, be less needy, and have more confidence in yourself.

The last thing is emotional stability. If you’re a  woman who’s desperate, has no sense of purpose, and you don’t have any hobbies, routines, or goals. Working towards having hobbies, routines, goals, and a good social circle when you have that you maintain your sexual value. Because if you don’t have emotional stability you’re going to be chasing every guy. Your sex appeal is pretty much based on you how needy are you, how much pride you have, and how much strength you have. Having emotional stability means having good friends, taking care of your mental health, good hobbies, and good routines. That causes you to be able to have positive emotions from within.