5 Eye Contact Mistakes Most Women Make

There is a right way and wrong way to look at somebody. And if you don’t practice how to look at somebody the right way, you will never see how you see people. 

Today, we’re gonna talk about 3-4 eye contact mistakes that women make with guys that they like.

The first one is psycho eyes. This usually happens when a woman is naturally nervous and naturally talks a lot. Their defense mechanism is to get people to like them and they think smiling and making psycho eyes. In reality, they are not aware that it’s just too much. This often happens when they meet people for the first time. What you can do is relax your eyes, control your emotions.

The second one is fxxk me eyes. One of the reasons that women do this is because maybe when they are a child, they get inappropriate attention from their parents or from adults and are told that if they do this, they will get affection and be loved. What you can do is don’t give me eyes. Stop giving intense eye contact.

The third one is smiling at random strangers. When you smile at a random stranger, you’ll get unnecessary attention. Unfortunately, women and men are different in interpreting smiles. Women interpret a friendly smile as a friendly smile while men interpret a friendly smile as a perverted smile. 

The last one is not making enough eye contact. This usually comes down to  maybe some childhood trauma and some developmental disorder. Practice meditation, learn to be present, feel the body within and use mindfulness to make eye contact.

Eye contact communicates a lot.