5 Fatal Mistakes Nice Girls Make That Makes Guys Lose Interest

Today, we’re gonna be talking about the five nice girls mistake that makes them lose power and guy’s interest. A lot of my subscribers are the nice girls and women who are good at heart, who have great intentions and who have a desire to help but the problem is, that trait, to most people or to humans, they sense it as a weakness. It’s fcked up but that’s how it is.

When you don’t like a guy, I teach you what I teach you and you say “Oh my god, this is so easy, I could just do it on anybody” and then you do it on the guys that you don’t like and you experience some success. You experience success when you apply these strategies on the guys that you don’t like. The only issue is that when you like the guy,all of a sudden, you are afraid to do the things that I teach you? Why? It’s because you’re afraid that he’s gonna leave you. As a result of that, when fear enter your heart, you stop thinking strategically and you start acting out of reaction. You’re so out of control that you don’t notice you’re giving him the psycho eyes and/or the dreamy eyes. You don’t notice that you pretty much tell him that you like him.

See, when you cannot control your emotions, you stop thinking strategically and that’s one of the reasons why when you don’t like the guy, they become obsessed with you and when you do like the guy, they lose interest.

The second one is when you stop hanging out with your friends, you stop taking yoga and all of a sudden you become lazier. Even when you hang out with him, you spend all day long and you’re not productive. Ladies, your routine is there to monitor your emotion. your routines are there to control your emotions. If you don’t have a routine, you’re gonna fck it up. Your daily routine gives you some balance in your life.

Your routines keep you stable. It becomes an anchor.

Another thing is not giving him enough space. I’m not talking about moving far away. What I’m talking about is that you always respond fast, you always gotta pick up the phone call, you’re always consistent. You don’t even get the poor guy one hour of response. You always respond instantly because you can’t control your emotions.

Give a guy space in every aspect of the way. From time to time, don’t text him that much, don’t be as available, cancel the date with a legit reason and apologize so that he doesn’t feel like it’s a game then he retaliates. From time to time, act cold emotionally. FROM TIME TO TIME, ON RARE OCCASIONS, BREAK UP WITH HIM. See, this is the thing: when you don’t like the guy, you’ll break up with him and without you even wanting him to come back, he comes back BUT when you like the guy, for some reason, you can’t do that.

Ladies, you gotta take a risk sometimes. It’s not that you’re a bad person, it’s just that you’re not controlling your dose. It’s better to give him space. It’s better because he misses you more.

The next thing is not showing your assertive energy when he disrespects you. I think this is the biggest one because every guy is gonna test you; If you don’t call him out when he disrespects you, he’s gonna see that as a sign of weakness and he’s going to lose respect for you. Do not react to a guy’s disrespect with apprehension and fear. React with disrespect with assertive energy and controlled anger/rage.

Anytime a guy blatantly disrespects you, you call him out on it. Passive disrespect, you pull away. Direct rdisrespect, you call him out on it because if you don’t, you just missed an opportunity to gain even more respect.

The fifth one is that you’re not willing to walk away. I can teach you all the strategies but if you’re not willing to walk away then we’re wasting our time here. There are people that come into your life that they will not respect you and the only way that you could be with them is if you take their disrespect. So, if you’re not willing to walk away, watch another channel because it’s not gonna work out.