5 First Date Mistakes That Women Make With Guys They Like

If you don’t make these mistakes, it’s not that you’re gonna make a guy who doesn’t love you, love you but that if he likes you or if he has chemistry with you, it could multiply and make it more. This doesn’t make a guy who’s half-interested in you like you more, it makes the guys that like you (but are hiding it) like you more or show that they like you which gives you power.

The first mistake you make is that you call or text the guy after the date. Don’t do that because you’re telling him what you think. Shut up and don’t tell him anything. If you had a great time, it’s fine. Just don’t say it. Let him text you first and if you didn’t hear from him, he just didn’t like you. Even after sex, let him text you first.

Another thing, don’t compliment a guy on the first date. Just chat with him without complimenting him. You want him to earn your compliments.

The third mistake is that you tell him exactly what you’re looking for. There’s something wrong with saying what you’re looking for because you gotta see this as a negotiation. Hide what you want. If you want a relationship, say that you’re just seeing people and you want to see where it takes you. Don’t tell him you’re looking for a relationship. If he wants a relationship, he’s gonna tell you but if he just wants something casual, he’s gonna agree with you and say he’s looking for the same thing. Sometimes, guys do lie about it but this has multiple effect.

  1. It allows you to act like you like him.
  2. It allows you to sot of do things that communicate that you like him but it’ll sort of confuse him a little bit.

If he asks you what you like, always say that you don’t know.

The fourth thing is not asking him about his previous relationships. Make sure that he didn’t get dumped or that his ex didn’t cheat on him. Make sure that he’s not fresh out of the waters in a relationship. Why? It’s because those guys get back with their exes and that’s a position you don’t want to be in. You don’t want to be with a guy who’s not over his ex because when he’s with you, he’s gonna be thinking about his ex.

The fifth thing os te;;omg him you don’t have sex unless you’re in a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with it but what it says is that you’re looking for more commitment before sex. What it says is that once you give up sex, you pretty much tellng him that you really like him. The problem with this startegy ladies is that you think that he’s the one putting in the work but in reality, you begin to invest emotionally and when he leaves you after sex, you’re gonna feel a lot more hurt than having sex with him on the second or third date.

I’m not telling you to fck the whole football team. What I’m saying is that having sex only with guys who you see potential relationship with (especially if you wait for over a month + I’m not saying to fck people all the time), I’m just saying that it puts you on a disadvantage.

Go ahead and wait to have sex with a guy but just make sure you don’t say that you only have sex with people you’re in a relationship with or that he has to work for your pu$$y. Just say “not yet”. Don’t tell him that you have to have an emotional commitment. If you do it, you’re exposing yourself.

If you’re gonna do these, accept the consequences that you are gonna be in a disadvantage and that you might fall in love with somebody who really doesn’t like you but just have a hard dick for you. That’s your call, boo boo.

Here’s a bonus one: you’re talking too much. Shut the fck up, okay? Stop talking so much. Let the guy talk. Let him talk about his fantasies, dreams and desires and what he wants in life. Have him talk about all those things because the more he talks, the less you talk., The less you talk, the less you fck it up. The less you talk, the less sht you reveal about yourself and more of a mystery you become.