Today we’re gonna be talking about the 5 laws of female nature. So you could have a better understanding of women, not get fooled, not get played. Because sometimes, when you don’t understand women, you feel like you’re getting played, but when you understand why they do crazy sh!+, you will actually be able to handle rejection and handle them in a more relaxed and calmed way.

The first thing about women’s nature is that women are attracted to competence. Competence is anything that you’re good at. Surround yourself with the social circle that values the skill that you practice.

The second thing about women’s nature is that feminine woman is attracted to masculinity. Generally, the whole gist of it is controlling your non-verbals. If you control your non-verbals, it could help you give across that masculine edge temporarily. You gotta act masculine, even in the way you talk, you gotta talk to them as though you’re a teacher.

The third thing about women’s nature is that a woman’s energy is based on your energy. An example is when you act like a little b!+ch, naturally, that woman’s going to get masculine on you, she’s going to go full terminator mode on you.

The fourth thing about women’s nature is that women act uncertain when they don’t like you. One of the hardest things about dating women is knowing whether or not they like you. Because women can be very indirect and very manipulating. It’s because women don’t like rejecting people and so they had a hard time directly telling you that they don’t like you.

The fifth thing about women’s nature is that women are more insecure than men. You may not think so but they are more insecure than you are. Most women have the most mental problems, most of the women are the ones that have most of the self-image problems, women are the ones that self-harm themselves more. Generally, most women have more insecurities.