5 Man Melting Phrases That Makes Men Chase More

Today I’m telling five powerful tactics to improve your conversations with men.

The first thing is feeling empathy and seeing their inner child. Notice how you have a good conversation with friends you feel good with telling that connection is not just about what you know or how the interaction feels but more about what you feel. So the thing to make this happen is to feel actual empathy for the person and that compassion. This can be developed through meditation or seeing their inner child because if you’re talking to a child you feel no tension so the conversation flows smoother. By doing this you’re gonna make them drop all their walls because they will also feel that connection.

The second one is speaking with emotion, You can do this by simply feeling an emotion and believing what you’re saying to have conviction. You can also think about someone who made you feel good or do meditation. The point is to feel some sort of emotion and build a passionate life. And that passion will transfer over all the things that you do.

Another thing that can help your conversational skills is asking the right questions. It will help you redirect your focus to the right area which brings us to the third thing, ask yourself “What can I do to have fun?”. Normally when you interact you think about how you can impress him and anything that comes from this is gonna come out needy. While focusing on having fun at the moment helps you to be more relaxed and less nervous.

The fourth thing is asking yourself “What are you gonna do if I say this or that?”. Usually, we’re afraid to make the person we’re talking to mad so we suppress ourselves. But by doing this you’re acting in a challenging way. And since it’s all fun and games they will not feel offended.

Fifth and the final thing is having vague answers and redirecting their questions back to them. The most interesting people are the mysterious people the problem is you talk too much and give them direct answers. How do you fix that? Giving vague answers and redirecting questions back to them allows you to get to know them and enables them to experience positive emotions all while maintaining the mystery. So now you never really answered their questions, you make them talk more, and since you didn’t really answer you’re still mysterious. And it doesn’t seem you avoiding but it looks more like a natural progression.