5 Mixed Signals Men Can’t Resist

Today, we’re gonna be talking about how to hold a man’s interest through sending mixed signals. This is actually one of the easiest things you could do to improve your dating life, to keep a guy interested so that he doesn’t see you as boring and it’s pretty easy. We’re going to talk about 5 ways to send mixed signals to hold a guy’s interest.

First of all, getting a guy’s attention isn’t the hard part, it’s keeping his attention that’s the hardest. The reason why is because you don’t need much to get his attention, anything can get your attention but does it hold your attention? The key to this is to engage the person’s imagination. You want them to embellish your image in their minds.

To do that, you gotta start from the beginning. Find a natural quality about you and add the opposite. Every single person has a dark side and your dark side reflects the image that you put out into the world. We want to have contrasting qualities to ourselves.

The second one is having contrasting qualities that go against your PHYSICAL APPEARANCE. If you look innocent, then have evilness to your personality. If you look like somebody who’s very rational, have an irrational side to your personality. You want to advertise these things not with your words but in your mannerism, in your gestures. People have to sense it subtly.

The third one is gender roles. If you’re a feminine woman, embrace your slightly masculine side to your character. If you’re a masculine guy, find your feminine side like Prince. Having those things make people intrigued. This is the key.

The fourth one is that physical heat and emotional blandness. This means that when you’re there, you show him a lot of love but when you’re not there, you’re cold. When you make a guy feel like “what’s going on? doesn’t she like me?”, that’s gonna make him feel insecure. This creates a challenge and it makes a guy wanna warm you up.

The last thing is reputation vs reality. Maybe you’re known as a btch, but when they meet you, you’re not a btch. Those kinds of things is a way to send mixed signals. All of those things are contrasting qualities that make guys fall in love with you. It creates an obsession and it holds their attention.

When you dot his kind of stuff, you will stand out.