5 Reason Why He Stopped Trying To Impress You And How to Fix IT

So let’s talk about why he stopped trying to impress you and how to fix it. There are five reasons why and the first and most obvious one is that he just wanted the “poom poom”. Initially when a guy meets you, your brain actually tricks you to believe that they actually like you because of the things they show you. Some guys also think they like you but it turns out that it’s just their dicks that are tricking them so that’s really unfortunate for the ladies, because for most guys to decide if they really like you is that he needs to get “poom poom” first. 

It may really be confusing when it comes to finding out if somebody likes you or if somebody’s interested in more than just sex, so watch this video to learn how to help you figure it out –and also to help you fix situations when you feel that the guy is losing interest in you.