5 Reasons Why Women Love It When You Don’t Care

Today, we’re gonna be talking about the reasons why women love it when you don’t care. What happens when you care? They leave a lot of the time. They either leave or their efforts are lower so here are the reasons why when you don’t care, they start caring.

The first reason is there’s no pressure to come and go. The thing is, when a woman feels like you need her somewhere, she’s not gonna go. When you don’t care, you might think that it might turn her off but what it does is that it makes her feel more comfortable–like she can be more herself. Women love it when they can be themselves around you and when you’re not demanding things from her. This means she can decide what she wants to do with you.

When I say that you’re showing you don’t care, it’s not that you tell her to go fck herself but that you’re willing to walk away. To a woman, being willing to walk away means you don’t care. You could tell her that you like her, spend time with her or even buy her great dinners but if she senses that you’re willing to walk away, all of the good things don’t matter to her. Also, when you don’t care, she doesn’t feel the pressure of having to explain things to you.

The second reason is it gives her a mystery to discover. The fact that you’re so indifferent or you’re not available all the time, makes her ask herself “why”. That mystery makes her get closer to you to find out why. When you fully show a woman that you like her, she’s not gonna think of you. She’s not gonna think about whether or not you like her, she’s just gonna feel validated. What’s gonna happen then is that her focus will go toward somebody who’s threatening her self-esteem. When you show that you don’t care from time to time indirectly,–through either flaking on her or disappearing on her for a day or two–you create that doubt and it makes her wonder whether or not her assumption that you like her is true. You make her reconsider her belief system about you.

The next reason is that it makes her think that the fact that you don’t care is a reflection of her self-worth. It’s good to always tell a woman that you once loved a woman so much that you were texting and calling her all the time. Like, tell her that you treat your ex perfectly so that when you treat her in a different way than you treat your ex, it makes her ask herself why you don’t treat her like you treat your ex and “why her, why not me”. Women will always compare themselves to their ex if you’re not treating them how you treated the other ex if you treated ex good.

The last thing is that it shows abundance. This is just insecurity. When you like someone, you naturally become insecure and as a result, your thoughts are usually just assumptions and you assume the worst. As a result, it’ll make her like you more because she has some competition and she’s not gonna lose this fight. Women get that competitive and it’s always good to put a woman in a sexually competitive state.