5 Red Flags Women Who Are In Love Ignore

Today we’re gonna be talking about five red flags you should watch out for before getting into a relationship with a man. And unfortunately, some of you will not listen because you are controlled by your heart and not your reasoning skills.

So the first one is cheating. Ladies, once the guy cheats it’s over. People never do things just once, they always repeat their behavior and one time is enough.

The next one is physical or verbal abuse. There is no compromise in this. There is no reason to be with a guy who physically or verbally abuses you.

Another one is narcissism and lack of accountability. Some of the signs of narcissistic people are never taking accountability, always gaslighting you, switching things around, and acting like a victim. And you can’t change them and in fact, you’re the one that changes not them.

The fourth one is anger issues and when I say anger issues I refer to any destructive emotions that lead them to lose control because then they become unpredictable. Which causes you to be scared and afraid. Anger issues are just something you can’t tolerate because anger issues generally mean that this person will eventually snap on you and they will say things that will hurt you.

And the last one is a guy who has a lot of debt or someone who can’t manage their money. I’m not saying don’t date a guy when he’s broke or has a low income. I’m saying don’t date a guy who can’t keep their jobs and a guy who impulsively buys things they don’t need.