There’s something about respect that comes with unpredictability. When you can’t predict something, you respect it. No matter how much you like a guy, you gotta be unpredictable because that’s how people respect you. People can’t respect what they can predict. That’s the first thing: unpredictability breeds respect. Plain and simple.

Today, we’re gonna talk about the 5 signs that he doesn’t respect you and how to counter his disrespect.

When you’re consistent, always complain to him when he does something wrong, when you’re always the one chasing, he’s gonna lose respect for you.

When a guy cancels plans on you consistently and is always late, let me tell you something: if a guy’s late ona date for 15minutes, this is how you deal with it: after 15mins, you tell him to go back. Don’t sound mad, just say that you already made plans an hour from now and that you’d rather be with him without having a time constraint. Make sure he sees you in 2 weeks. If they’re late, you gotta put him in his place. Do not tolerate lateness at all.

If he cancels last minute without giving you an option or even if he texts you and make plans to see you next time,, don’t respond. Leave him on read. Let him double text you. Make him wait.

If he doesn’t put the time in or is romantic with you, or if he doesn’t think about how to impress you, that’s disrespect. when h’s not romantic or as thoughtful, he doesn’t respect you enough. He thinks you’re always gonna be there. He thinks that you’re always gonna like him. He should always feel like he’s behind the ball. and if he doesn’t feel that way, that means you’re putting him in that position. You’re giving him that power.

If a guy is name-calling and making fun of you, even if it’s playful, it’s disrespectful. Even if he takes it back, he still used it because it’s amber for power. If he does say those things and it doesn’t offend you, act like it offends you because it shows that you have boundaries. If a person sees that those things don’t bother you, it’s disrespectful. Better yet, break up with somebody who makes fun of you, who calls you names. You shouldn’t tolerate that.

If a guy is checking all the women around you (unless you have an agreed upon open agreement), he doesn’t respect you. Along those lines, if he’s cheating you or even always asking about your friend, that guy does not respect you.

I know this sounds like an obvious common sense type of thing but we let these things happen all the time. the worst thing is that when somebody clearly disrespects you and the next day, acts like nothing happened, do not tell people you watch my channel and you tolerate that. That’s not what I teach.