5 Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship

Today, we’re going to talk the 5 signs that he don’t want a relationship. I decided to make this video so you guys can see these signs, because when a guy doesn’t like you, it’s not obvious. When he likes you, it’s obvious

The first one is, he doesn’t chill with you after sex. This is pretty obvious, when I don’t like the girl, I’ll give her a complimentary chill. If a guy did this consistently, it’s not a good sign.

The second one is, the slow response time. It is a fxck!ng problem. Because it irritates you, it annoys you, it makes you feel insecure. When a guy wants a relationship, he’s more there. He texts you first, he says good morning baby. If he always responds slow to you, it’s abig red flag.

The third one is, no vacation or special outings. When a guy doesn’t take you out on a vacation, or on a romantic outing, it’s a huge red flag. Why? Because when a guy likes you, he wants to show you, he wants to spend time with you, to impress you, you could tell that he put time and effort.

The fourth one is, he pushes ‘the talk’ about a relationship. If you break the fxck!ng rule and talk about relationship, or he never brings up the conversation about relationship, ir’s a huge red flag. Understand this, when a guy likes you it is not a rational thing, it is completely irrational thing. shouldn’t make sense why he wants to spend time with you.

The last one is, he doesn’t take you into his world. He doesn’t introduce you to his family, When a guy doesn’t introduce you to his family, friends, in the first week, that’s a huge red flag. Sounds like he doesn’t want a relationship, he’s a fxck!ng psycho.