You guys have to understand, before anything, that this is normal. This is a normal part of human relationships. Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with you; it’s just that every relationship has a time limit. Everything in life has an expiration date even love. The only thing that doesn’t have an expiration date is with blood or with family. So, you gotta realize that every relationship you’re in will end either through death or by somebody losing interest so do not feel bad. You’re not the only one, it’s okay to be dumped–WE’VE ALL BEEN THERE. So, if this is happening to you and you’re experiencing these things, please understand that you’re not the only one. We’ve all been through it.

The first sign is that when on your birthday, there’s not a lot of enthusiasm.
It’s like he doesn’t have that enthusiasm for your birthday and he doesn’t put thought into it. This is more related when you’ve been with him for like a year or so. If he takes you to his birthday and you notice that there’s no enthusiasm and you notice that he takes you out but he doesn’t spend too much time with you–or you don’t spend the night with him and he doesn’t make you feel special–if you could sense it, he doesn’t love you that much. If you gotta remind him that it’s your birthday and you gotta celebrate then he doesn’t love you that much.

The second sign is when he usually hangs out around you, he gotta get drunk. When he’s with you, he’s either have a spark of blunt or he has to drink. The point is that he doesn’t see that chemistry so he needs to do something to kind of feel enlivened around you. Or, you only hand out when you guys have sex or he’s only cool with you before he has sex with you. The point is he can’t have a moment of intimacy with you. He can’t have a moment with you without anything stimulating him. That’s the sign that you just don’t do it for him anymore.

The third one is that sex isn’t as good anymore but let me be honest with you, this is something natural but it also correlates though. Correlation doesn’t equal causation but it correlates that if somebody doesn’t like you, they’ll just stop having sex with you as much BUT this is a little bit confusing because sometimes, a person does love you but naturally, the sex lowers because when a guy gets in a relationship or gets married, his testosterone lowers and that’s there so that he doesn’t cheat.

The next one is that he’s spending less time with you. He prefers to spend more time alone. You notice that he has less tolerance around you and he doesn’t want to hang out with you as much anymore. He rather hangs out with his friends than with you and there’s always a reason why he doesn’t want to hang out. The thing about these kinds of guys is that they feel guilty for pushing you away so they’ll tell you they like you and they give you words and try to convince you but the actions don’t show it.

Heck, even forgetting anniversaries. The last one is that he’s just not romantic with you anymore. This is a big problem and I feel bad because I’ve been in that situation on both sides and it’s difficult but it’s your responsibility to be able to read that. It’s your responsibility. If you get played, it’s your fault.