5 Signs Secretly He’s A Player With Bad Intentions

Today, we’re gonna be talking about 5 signs that he’s secretly a player with bad intentions. This is a topic that out of all the dating coaches, to be honest with you, I’m the most qualified to talk about this. Most dating coaches are married or in happy relationships or hovering above the clouds in a lotus position… I, on the other hand, am in the jungle. I’m dating, I do what I gotta do, I cheat, I lie, I steal–y’know me.

So ofcourse, I should make a video about this–when a guy is a player and toxic, plus I’m the toxic dating coach ;) There’s no other dating coach that’s as toxic as me. So, I’m gonna be revealing to you guys 5 signs that he’s secretly a player.

The first sign is that he’s not interested in you as a person. You see, players are out there to get a number so they’re used to going in dates. They’re very desensitized and they grow to be very narcissistic when they’re conversating because women will validate them so much that they feel that they’re shit don’t stink. So, with players, you rarely feel like you’re being listened to. It’s usually about them–they always talk about themselves.

The second sign is that he’s too smooth and too good. Guys who aren’t players, they’re not as confident when it comes to going for a kiss. They’re not as confident when it comes to asking you back to your place. In fact, players will ask you back to their place on the first date. They’re just too good. Anytime you see that, that dude has rehearsed, that dude had a lot of practice and that dude is a player.

The third thing is that he’ll tell you that he’s not ready for a relationship right now and not just that–he’ll tell you that “maybe later, I’ll be more ready”. He’ll push the relationship into the future. He’ll promise you a relationship if you wait long enough. He’s not gonna give you that. Don’t expect it, don’t believe the lies, and don’t believe the propaganda. anytime a guy makes you wait, it’s better for you to leave them and say “let me know when you’re ready, I’ll continue dating”. That’s how you should be.

The fourth one is that he’s good at lowering your defenses. So, the good players–the professional ones lower your defenses. They take you out to dinner. They won’t hit you up at 2 o’clock in the morning. They’ll get vulnerable with you. You’ll notice they’re distant but they’ll start talking about how bad their relationship was and how he can’t trust women and that they’re “healing” right now. And so, you sort of feel that the pressure to give them a lot of space. All of those things is done to lower your defenses.

The fifth one is that after sex, he gets cold. The way to combat this is to leave him. If a guy is cold after sex and it wasn’t your fault, it’s just his pattern–it has more to do for him than you.

Players, in a way, are victim to their own nature. They think they like you sometimes but in reality, it’s just their libido. They really don’t like you.

So if you’re encountering a guy who’s taking you out on dates, having dinner and everything and after sex he gets cold and then he comes back to you every 2 or 3 weeks once his dick is hard, then you’re encountering a player.

If he comes back to you telling you how much he misses you and how he can’t stand to not be with you, he’s a player because his actions don’t match his words. If he’s a dude though that’s acting that he loves you but tells you that he’s not ready for a relationship then believe those words. That is an exception. Believe those words.

I know these things and I do these things so pay attention and make sure that you don’t fall for it. Also, if you’re encountering a player and you like him, just don’t expect a relationship. Don’t believe what they tell you as much as he tries to convince you that they want what you want, don’t but into it.