Today, we’re gonna talk about the 5 signs she doesn’t respect you and how to call her out.

The first sign is that she’s always late to dates. She could be late on the first date BUT NO MORE THAN 15MINUTES. If a woman is 15-mins late on the first date, I will give you the leeway to give her 20 minutes but after 20minutes, if she’s not there, tell her to go home respectfully and politely and tell her you have plans one hour from now and you don’t want to give her limited time and just reschedule. Call her and say that in a polite way, don’t sound mad. Why? It’s because if she really was doing that as a power play and she didn’t respect you, you’re not gonna see her no more.

The second one is that she doesn’t respond on time. It’s one thing to respond two hours later, nothing’s wrong with that but it’s one thing to always respond six hours later consistently. Some women will come into your life and when they sense that you like them, they’ll start doing that because it’s your fault for communicating to her that you like her that much. If a woman’s responding to you late consistently and is creating anxiety, eliminate her in your mind. Realize it’s not gonna work out, remove that hope and start taking longer. Double her response rate because that’s the only way that you could communicate to her (without sounding butthurt) that you know what she’s doing and she’s either gonna stop or this is gonna go further than she wants it to go.

Women are subtly the way they disrespect you. It’s not obvious, it’s always subtly.

The third one is that she friend zones you. If you initially started talking to her as a dating prospect, that means that she doesn’t respect you as a man. She rather has you as one of her girlfriends and you want to know why it’s not going to work out as friends? It’s because when she gets a boyfriend, you’re not gonna be around. The friendzone is her saying “You’re not masculine enough for me”. If this is the case, say “no” to the friendzone or you could accept the friendzone and know her a little bit for maybe a month and then a month later, you give her a very harsh criticism about her character.

By you accepting the friendzone and you letting her get comfortable with you and then you give her a random criticism that’s accurate, that criticism is gonna offend her. Then you pull away and come back almost as though nothing happened–that mixed-signal creates friction and what you’ll notice is that if you really offended her and she accepts to see you again, you’ll notice that she’s a little bit warmer with you. It puts her in a feminine state.

The fourth one is that she’s always on the phone when she’s around you and she doesn’t even pay attention. When a woman’s on the phone around you, just say “Can you put the phone down? Ir really don’t have time and I like spending time with you. Let’s make this a 1-1 moment.” and if she’s still on the phone after you told her that, just tell her to go out.

That’s disrespectful. When a woman likes you, she wants to be in the moment as intense as possible. Trust me, when someone likes you, they don’t want to be distracted. First of all, don’t be on the phone yourself so you don’t seem like a hypocrite and don’t accept that from her.

The fifth one is that she talks about other guys, her exes and how she met a new guy etc. Always let her know this, “Baby, I don’t mind, you do your thing but don’t let me know about other guys. I don’t want to hear about it.”. Why? It’s because sometimes, women use that to make you jealous and just to fck with you and if she does bring up another guy after you told her not to do that sht, just tell her to go out the house politely.

These are five signs that a woman is disrespecting you subtly.