5 Signs You Have CHEMISTRY With A Man

Today we’re going to talk about the signs that a guy has natural chemistry with you. Chemistry sometimes when you like them so much your mind can be so enamored with them they’re not even looking at reality. You begin to attribute traits with him that isn’t even there. When we feel chemistry we have to be careful to think as rational as possible because the chemistry is going to cause you to see things that dont even exist.

Here are the signs to see if you have chemistry with a man:

  1. He wants to have a relationship with you after four months – If after four months he doesn’t want to have a relationship with you, what you felt doesn’t exist. Chemistry is what brings you together but not what keeps you alive.
  2. He wants to have activities with you – He wants to experience that chemistry in different parts of his life.
  3. You open up and talk about personal things – It’s not necessarily a prerequisite, but if he does it it’s good, if he doesn’t then its a red flag
  4. If you guys don’t meet each other and return, you guys don’t miss a step.
  5. If he picks you over hotter girls – when he feels that chemistry with somebody, it transcends looks, he doesn’t care how you look, he likes the way how he makes you feel