5 SIGNS YOU’RE A NICE GIRL – Ft Tyrone The Personal Trainer

Today, I’m gonna introduce to you guys to Tyrone. He is a buddy of mine, and we’re gonna talk about the 5 signs that you’re a nice girl.

  1. You set your standards based on how much you like the guy — your standard is not based on something that’s unmovable or indestructible. Which is something that comes from within. The more you like him, the more you tolerate b4llsh!+ from him.
  2. You forgive and forget very quickly — you gotta create standards before you meet that guy. Don’t believe everything they tell you.
  3. You believe every guy has good intentions — never underestimate how good people could be but also, never underestimate how evil people could be. You need to find a middle ground, and that is… you’re suspicious of everybody.
  4. You’re afraid of confrontation — because you’ve associated confrontation with pain. You’ve never felt respected when you’ve confronted somebody. This is a price to pay to get out of your nice girl habit.
  5. You’re way too polite — this is the easiest sign. People are going to interpret that as you being weak.