5 Things Men CAN’T Respect In a Woman

Today, we’re gonna be talking about the traits that men don’t respect in a woman. The reason why I want to make this video is to go along with this series that I have with nice girls and respects because again, a lot of you, ladies, are trying to get a man’s respect the easy way and that’s through withholding sex.

We have this misconception that withholding sex equals you respecting yourself. There is more to respect than withholding sex, ladies. That’s just such a small percentage of it that in my opinion, is sometimes has the opposite effect.

Anyways, here are the traits:

  1. Thirsty Behaviour – constantly asking to see him, asking for validation. Be mysterious instead.
  2. Being too nice – too forgiving, always smiling, don’t show negative emotions. Instead, show him your negative emotions and stop being so nice.
  3. Not having a life – don’t make him your life, or wait around for him, it tires him. Get a life instead, make him feel like you have more important things in life, find things you enjoy and your purpose in life.
  4. He knows you’re manipulative – when he does it’s done and over and he’ll lose respect for you. Never really show what you know, act dumber than you are, act like you don’t know about human nature or watch his (Professor Alex’s ) channel.
  5. You don’t follow through – if you say you’re gonna stop talking to him or break up with him because of something he does follow through. If you don’t know how to follow through he’ll lose respect for you.

Thank you to my Subscriber Karma Swayne for the notes 🙂