Today, we’re gonna be talking about five things men really value in a woman. This is pretty much universal. There’s gonna be some differences based on culture and based on personal values but for the most part, these 5 things go pretty well with most men.

The first one is masculinity. It’s important for you to embrace your masculine side. Stop trying to be feminine all the time because that’s not what guys want. What guys find attractive is a little masculinity in a woman. a little bit of assertiveness.

The second is that men value a woman who hasn’t been with a lot of guys. This is when lying comes into place because we all know it’s very easy to rack up numbers especially nowadays. The point is that guys value that so you better shut up and don’t tell him you banged the whole football team. Keep it to yourself.

The third one is that men value healthy women. you gotta focus on your health. Eat right.

The fourth thing is that men value submissive women. Now, you may not be submissive but play like you’re submissive when in reality, you’re the one who’s going to be controlling it. It’s always important to fake a weakness in order to lower a guy’s defenses.

The last thing is that they value a woman who’s there for them during tough times. When a woman if there for a guy during the tough times, they’re gonna value her. The problem is that sometimes, you could take that too far and just stick with guys who are not good for you. The problem is that sometimes, the value goes against your interest.

You gotta find the right guy that values the right thing.