5 Things Men SECRETLY FIND Attractive In A Woman

Today, we’re gonna be talking about the 5 things men secretly find attractive in a woman.

  1. The Opposite. If he’s somebody who’s organized, he’s gonna want a woman who’s disorganized. If he’s somebody who’s relaxed, he’s gonna want a woman who’s a little intense. If his mom was strict with him, he’s gonna want a rebellious woman. The point is that you have to notice what trait is predominant in that man and you just play the opposite. The opposite of who we are, for the most part, is our repressed self. If you’re attracting toxic people or people who are mentally unstable, it’s because deep down you want to be the saviour.
  2. Masculinity. Understand that men like a woman with a little bit of masculinity. I keep repeating this. You have a natural masculine side and your most attractive self is your integrated self. The self that you are, the feminine and masculine, when you become integrated, that’s when you become the most attractive. What you want is to find a way to integrate that to your character. Find your masculine side.
  3. Polarity. A man likes a woman who has different sides to her character. If you’re somebody who’s always agreeing with people or who’s like everybody else, you’re not gonna stand out. You gotta have something about you that makes you stand out.
  4. Presence. By being present in the moment, it makes you more attractive. When you’re present in the moment, you’re a better listener, you’re calmer, you’re not as needy. Even you’re energy and aura changes by simply being present. When you’re around people, you’re socializing as your spiritual practice.