5 Things That Make You Stand Out From Other Men

Today we’re gonna be talking about 5 things that make you stand out from other men. Especially me, I came from the background of doing pick up and because of that background, they teach you the wrong things of what makes you stand out from other men. They only teach you how to stand out in a club setting and that doesn’t work in real life because we don’t work around life pumping our fist 24/7. That’s not how life works, life is more chilled and things happen over longer periods of time. Clubs are more like a one-night thing and you guys get conditioned by that.

  • Being skilled. If you’re the most skilled motherf#cker, you’re gonna stand out. You can be regular looking but if you’re the most skilled person in a group, you’re gonna stand out and women are gonna pay attention to you. There’s a certain aura of power behind being good at something. Being good at something automatically makes you stand out. It takes time, practice and discipline but it’s one of the best ways to stand out.
  • Being a leader of men. Find something that you love and do it with other people. Bring people together and it’ll make you stand out because you have a group of people who follow you.
  • Being the only dude. 
  • Being charismatic. 
  • Being masculine. Make sure you’re not a goofball and make sure you’re not the dude who acts like a clown. Make sure you’re not one of those people who always want to please. Be somebody who’s centered, present in the moment, and relaxed.
  • Dressing Nice. Dressing nice makes a humongous difference. Having a good sense of style, dressing nice and being in shape and eating healthy: all of those things will make you stand out.
  • Success and Status. Success is pretty much the easiest way to stand out, well kind of, superficially speaking. Having money, having a nice car, having a nice apartment, a good credit score–this is something you don’t have to force. If you really are successful, it’s gonna come across. 

Success automatically gives you charisma. Success automatically puts you in the position of leadership. Success puts you in front of the line. You get all that success by following your purpose in life. Having a sense of purpose will bring success to your life and setting your goals and achieving it.